Merrigan announces candidacy for SD Senate

Posted August 22, 2018 at 10:57 pm

Liz Merrigan.tif

If we look to the

timeless horizon of our

common humanity and

purpose, our political

structure, imperfect as

it may sometimes be,

will always be based

on the ideals of truth,

tolerance, respect for self

and others, compassion,

and the willingness to

cherish the gifts we have

to give to each other.

May we continue to grow

and flourish in our

beautiful land.

The tragic death of Ted Curry, announced Democratic candidate for District 16 Senate (Union County and the southern half of Lincoln County) and a man of integrity and commitment to public service, has left a vacancy in this district.

I am announcing my substitute candidacy for District 16 Senate.

Liz Merrigan

–Retired Teacher and Negotiator

–Family Farm Owner

–-Spink Township Supervisor

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