Akron Lions request donors to follow the rules

Posted October 12, 2018 at 7:51 pm

The Akron Lions appreciate all the papers people place in the Akron Lions’ Paper Barn at the end of North Third Street.

However, they would like to remind people that they accept any paper that is not shiny or slick. Newspapers are great but not the shiny, slick advertisements. With phone books, remove the shiny covers.

The reason is that the paper is recycled into housing insulation. The spray insulation doesn’t stick to the shiny, slick paper, said Akron Lions President Dee Watson.

In addition, paper dropped off at the Paper Barn should be in boxes or paper bags only. Loose papers just thrown in the Paper Barn must be picked up and boxed by volunteers before they can be recycled, adding an unnecessary step for them.

Again, thank you to all who contribute paper to the Akron Lions Paper Barn. It is appreciated.

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