Round 3 of flooding topped off with snow

Posted October 17, 2018 at 9:07 pm

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By Dodie Hook

This weather has been absolutely crazy.

Round No. 3 of flooding hit Wednesday, Oct. 10 when the Big Sioux River went over its flood stage of 16’. The river crested three days later on Oct. 13 at 19.39’ lower than the September flood of 22.16’ and the June flood of 23.51’.

S.D. Highway 48 did not close but Union County Road No. 3 was closed due to water flowing over it and was still closed Monday, Oct. 15.

On Sat., Oct. 13 the temperature hit 60 degrees and was a nice day with people out and about. Then Sunday morning people awakened to snow falling and chilly temperatures in the 30s. Sunday night had a frost with temperatures reaching in to the 20s.

When all was said and done, less than two inches of snow fell and most snow melted by Sunday afternoon. But, it is still the first snowfall of the season and earlier than in prior years.

A couple questions have been raised because of this weather:

• Has it ever snowed on flood water in Akron before?

• With the land still saturated and if there is a lot of snow this winter, what will happen in the spring?

At least the forecast for the next couple of weeks looks promising – temperatures in the 50s with small chances of precipitation. But, only Mother Nature knows for sure!

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