Pink Ladies support cancer patients

Posted November 9, 2018 at 8:53 pm


by Dodie Hook

In Southeast South Dakota there is a group of women known as the Southeast Area Pink Ladies who are not only a dart league, but also raise funds for cancer patients within a 30 mile radius of Hudson, SD. The dart league, with about 30 members, is out of Waddy’s in Hudson.

Those fighting cancer are given a care package full of helpful items to make life easier such as a neck pillow, lap blanket, sanitizing wipes, lotion, lozenges, etc., along with a check to be used where the patient chooses.

Since the chapter was started, the Pink Ladies have donated $12,000 and 34 care packages — helping a total of 36 families who have a member fighting cancer.

In March of 2017 a new fundraiser was begun by the ladies called “Chase the Queen.” For this fundraiser participants purchase tickets on a chance to win a percentage of the pot that night and a chance for the whole pot.

The winning ticket holder receives 10 percent of the pot and a chance to draw for the Queen of Diamonds which wins the whole pot. Each week that the pot is not won, there will be one less card to draw from in hopes of getting the Queen of Diamonds.

On Oct. 31, the pot reached $4,000 for the night and the winner received $400. The winner then had the chance to draw from the remaining 19 cards. This night, the pot was up to $15,491, however, the winner drew the Queen of Spades making a larger pot for the next drawing and only 18 cards to choose from. Drawings are held each Wednesday at Waddys around 7 p.m. Anyone in attendance can purchase a ticket for the chance to “Chase the Queen.”

Since starting the “Chase the Quenn” fundraiser in March, the ladies have donated over $11,000 and 27 care packages to cancer victims which averages out to about one family per week since March.

Also on Oct. 31 the ladies donated a care package and check to Joe Hook of West Akron, SD, who is battling Stage IV small cell lung cancer. He had just finished six rounds of chemotherapy which consisted of three days receiving chemo and three weeks between the treatments for six times.

Hook will be meeting with his doctor soon to see what the next step in his treatment will be which is probably radiation. He was very moved and thankful for the care package given to him by the Pink Ladies.

Directors for the Pink Ladies are:

• Sara Pearson – President

• Ashley Minor – Vice President

• Becky Schoenwald – Secretary

• Jessica Jessen – Treasurer

• Lisa Hodgson – Delegate

If you know of someone fighting cancer within a 30-mile radius of Hudson, contact one of the directors or members of the Pink Ladies.

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