Most incumbents keep their Iowa seats

Posted November 13, 2018 at 7:25 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Plymouth County had a voter turnout of 60.62 percent with 10,761 voters casting ballots. There are 17,753 registered voters.

Voter turnout across the state mirrored Plymouth County’s turnout as it was reported Iowa had 60.94 percent voter turnout.

County Races

All Republican incumbents ran unopposed in the county races on the Plymouth County ballots: Supervisor District 1 John R. Meis; Supervisor District 3 Don Kass; Supervisor District 4 Craig A. Anderson; Treasurer Shelly Sitzmann; Recorder Jolynn Goodchild; and County Attorney Darin J. Raymond.

In the Soil & Water Conservation District Commissioner race, Jeff Peterson, with 54.49 percent, and Pat Winter, with 45.19 percent retained their seats. There were 40 write-in votes.

For the Agricultural Extension Council Members, voters voted for five candidates. Incumbents Julie Ann Madden, 19.55 percent, and Steve Tonsfeldt 21.60 percent, kept their seats. The three new council members will be Cynthia K. Wolff, 19.77 percent; Karen B. Harrington, 19.42 percent; and Tanya Riemenschneider, 19.39 percent. There were also 76 write-in votes cast.

All judges listed on the ballot retained their judgeships: Court of Appeals Michael R. Mullins; Mary Ellen Tabor, 80.54; Anuradha Vaitheswaran; District 3B Judges Jeffrey L. Poulson and Julie Ann Schumacher; and District Associate Judges Stephanie Forker Parry, and Todd A. Hensley.

Federal Race

Rep. Steve King kept his seat again — he has served in Congress since 2003. He received 60.47 percent of the 10,671 votes cast in the U.S. Representative District 4 race. His closest challenger, Democrat J.D. Scholten received 37.72 percent of the votes while Libertarian Charles Aldrich received 1.46 percent. There were also four write-in votes cast. In he U.S. Representative District 4 race, King won with 50.33 percent of the total votes while Scholten had 46.96 percent, Aldrich, 2.02 percent; and Edward Peterson, no party listed, 0.62 percent.

State Senator Race

District 3 Senator Jim Carlin retained his seat with 72.43 percent of the 10,076 votes cast while Democrat Dave Dawson received 27.50 percent. There were seven write-in votes cast. Throughout the district, Carlin won with 64.14 percent while Dawson had 35.12 percent. Carlin has been serving in the state legislature since 2016, first as Representative until December 2017 when he was elected to fulfill Senator Bill Anderson’s term after he resigned.

State Representative Race

In District 5, Republican Tom Jeneary won the seat with 78.48 percent of the 10,089 votes cast. Challenger Democrat Andrew Emanuel received 21.44 percent, and there were eight write-in votes cast. Throughout the district, Jeneary won with 76.84 percent. Emmanuel received 23.09 percent. Jeneary will replace Rep. Chuck Holz who decided not to seek reelection.

Governor’s Race

Republican Kim Reynolds became the first woman elected as Iowa governor. In Plymouth County she received 73.45 percent of votes cast and Democrat Fred Hubbell received 24.98 percent. Libertarian Jake Porter received 1.14 percent and CWP Gary Siegwarth received 0.39 percent. There were also four write-in votes. Statewide it was a close race with Reynolds, whose Lieutenant Governor is Adam Gregg, received 50.40 percent of the votes cast and Hubbell with Lieutenant Governor candidate Rita R. Hart, had 47.40 percent. Porter, with Lt. Gov. Lynne Gentry, received 1.60 percent and Siegwarth with Lt. Gov. Natalia Blaskovich, had 0.56 percent. Reynolds began as Iowa governor on May 24, 2017 when she replaced Iowa Governor Terry Branstad who stepped down to become the U.S. Ambassador to China.

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