Question Of The Week

Posted November 29, 2018 at 7:41 pm

By: Shaylee Siebens

Students and staff of Akron-Westfield were recently asked, “Would you rather spend your day inside or outside? Why?”

Mrs. Deb Bursell said, “If the weather is nice – outside.”

Taylor Pierce says that she would rather be inside because she sunburns easily.

Mr. Mike Allner said that he would rather be outside riding his motorcycle.

Mr. Jeff Drent said outside, because “I love the fresh air.”

Austin Kemner, a freshman, said, “Outside for the fresh air.”

Bryce Stowe would rather be outside because he likes the outdoors and the nature.

Cameron Moore stated he would rather be outside because “there is an endless amount of fun things you can choose from.”

Mrs. Lisa Wolthuizen said, “Inside if it is cold like today! I love to be outside in the spring and summer.”

Sam Frye said, “either one, depending on who’s with me.”

Natalie Nielsen said she would rather be outside because being inside is boring.

Jordan Rabey said outside because there are more things to do.

Mrs. Sherry Fickbohm said, “Outside, there is so much to see, and hear, even doing outdoor work, is more relaxing, than inside work.”

Phillip Mendoza said outside because, if he spend to much time indoors then he starts to feel light headed and sick and he likes the outdoors.

Kassy Vanderlinden said inside because “I am not much of an outside person.”

Mrs. Laurie Liebetrau stated she would rather be outside “Except in the winter and then only to play in the snow.”

Emma Noll said she would rather be outside, because there are so many more amazing things to do outside than inside.

Mrs. Jade Calvillo said, “If its cold or super hot, then inside. If it’s 70-85 degrees, then outside.”

Quinten Easton replied, “Inside, playing video-games.”

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