Senior Spotlight

Posted December 6, 2018 at 1:25 am




By: Alyson Ten Napel

Nick Jacobs, son of Scott and Carissa Jacobs, was born on April 15, 2000, in Sioux City, Iowa. Nicky has one sibling: Josie. Some of the other names Nick goes by are: Nicky, Nicole, Nick Martell, and St. Nichols.

While in high school, Nicky has been involved in football, basketball, and baseball and his favorite sports are basketball and football.

Some of St. Nichols’s favorite pastimes are playing sports and playing video games.

Nicky’s favorite saying is “Just Do it.”

Nick’s favorite excuse for being tardy is “My car broke down.”

Nicholas’s most memorable moment is the day he got his knees scoped.

If Nicky could relive one moment in his life it would be the “Lawton-Bronson football game.”

St. Nichols’s advice to younger classmen is “Have fun and live everyday like it’s your last. You only have 4 years in high school so make the most of it.”

Nick’s favorite thing about high school is that he “Knows everyone and everyone is nice and the teachers are really nice.”

The person who has inspired Nick the most through high school is Coach Walkingstick.

When Nicole was younger he imagined himself as a superhero.

Nicky’s favorite childhood memory is going to Sky Zone with his friends.

After high school Nicholas plans to attend a 4-year college for physical education.

Nick’s greatest achievement in high school was making All-State for football.

Nick’s favorite excuse for not turning in his homework on time is “I didn’t know we had any.”

Nicky’s favorite class is P.E. because “Everyone is playing with each other and having a great time.”

St. Nichol’s most embarrassing moment is when he answers a question wrong in class.

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