A-W Entrepreneurship Students Create & Sell Multiple Products

Posted December 20, 2018 at 6:00 am


By: Hailey Wait

The Akron-Westfield Entrepreneurship class took a business centered approach to their learning this semester by creating and selling Westerner themed and other personalized products on a small business scale.

Mr. Thonstad’s class spent most of the first quarter learning about marketing and sales, and now they are putting what they have learned to use.

Each student chose their own product to design and sell. The students worked with others to create the design they wanted and then learned how to sublimate their designs on their chosen product.

Cousins Hannah Welch and Ali Welch are making ring stands for phones. There are round ring stands and rectangle ring stands. The Westerner ring stands are $5, and custom ring stands, with other pictures or designs, sell for $7.

Kassy Vanderlinden, a junior, is selling card caddy phone wallets to hold cards or cash on the back of your phone. The card caddies sell for $3.

Jadin Hartman, a freshman, is working with her Mom’s business, Fitteam, to create and sell Fitteam designed phone case with wallets to Fitteam sales people around the United States. Jadin also has a Westerner phone case she will be selling for $15.

Bryce Stowe, a freshman, is selling camouflage Westerner coffee mugs for $12.

Lars Eberly, a junior, is creating two-sided dog tags with the Westerner logo on one side and an option for customers to choose their own design on the other side. The dog tags sell for $5.

This is the first year the Entrepreneurship class has attempted this type of project, and according to Mr. Thonstad, “The students have been very excited to see their ideas and creations come to life.”

The other Entrepreneurship students are working on additional products, including Westerner lanyards and carved wooden signs.


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