News from Alcester-Hudson

Posted January 23, 2019 at 9:26 pm

We are off and running in the second semester of school. So far, the year has been off to a smooth start. Although it doesn’t bring the excitement of the start of the year, the second semester does bring about some changes in classes and brings some new faces to the halls. It also provides the students with a chance to share all their stories that took place during the holidays. My holidays went very well and included some travel as we headed west for Christmas. At the time, they were talking about the possibility of a snowstorm so we headed to Kadoka after church on Sunday. We drove back on Christmas Day to avoid the forecasted weather. As it turned out, we could have stayed longer because the storm didn’t have a lot of effect on our area. I stayed home on New Year’s Eve and watched football. Once again, this year, I didn’t make it to midnight. Overall, the entire break was well spent with family and taking some time to relax and prepare for second semester.

One thing I like to look at when the second semester starts is the progress our elementary students are making. In reading, we run a program that allows all the students to receive small group instruction for a half an hour every day. There is testing that goes along with this process and a mid-year test is given in December. Once the teachers have a chance to score the students, we have a chart in the break room to show the success the students are having. It is always fun to go in, look at the data, and see the growth in the students. The younger kids always make huge gains because they are like sponges and soak up all the information. It is also fun to go into the younger classes and listen to them read aloud. They make so much progress in short amounts of time and I just love to see them have success.

The boys and girls basketball teams are in the middle of their seasons and only have a few home games left. The boys will be at home four more times this year while the girls will be home five more times. Both teams have had a hard time scoring points of late but continue to give good effort through the tough times. With any luck, the shots will start to fall and they will return to their winning ways. Both teams will be at home on the 31st of January, and I would encourage you to come out and support their efforts.

The wresting season is also moving along with some individuals having success. The team wrestled in a couple of very hard tournaments during Christmas break and was able to place several wrestlers. The wrestlers will continue on the road over the next few weeks and look to keep improving. Region wrestling will be February 15th at the Pentagon in Sioux Falls.

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