From softball diamond to diamond ring

Posted February 14, 2019 at 6:00 am

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By Julie Ann Madden

Editor’s Note: The Akron Hometowner conducted this couple’s interview via emails and this editor, along with Cupid, think their love story is just fine without any editing!

Instead of an arrow, Cupid used a softball diamond to get Lora DeBerg, of Primghar, and Jim Pierce, of Spencer, together. Lora is the Akron Public Library Director and Jim is a Software Engineer at Wells Enterprises in Le Mars. The Akron couple has four daughters: Reyna, Suri, Devi and Vada.

How did you meet? Where, approximately when? Blind date? Set up by friends?

Jim: Co-Ed Softball. I believe it was June 4, 2006. I was not even there to play. I went to watch and hang out with a few of my friends who were on the team.

Lora: There was Co-Ed Softball League on a Friday night in Spencer, Iowa. It was June 2, 2006. LOL. We always disagree on what the actual date was. Pretty sure I’m right on this one. Sorry, Jim! I was asked to go to league that night with a friend. This friend of mine was invited by her coworkers (Jim’s friends) to go to league and for her to bring a friend because they were shorthanded on girls for their team. I didn’t even play but I was there watching. That’s how I met Jim.

Just to clarify, we were not set up by our mutual friends. We met all by chance that night. Crazy how it worked out…

What attracted you to him/her?

Jim: Lora’s long blonde hair, her smile, and her huge dimples. We hit it off really well right off the bat (pun intended)…

Lora: Um, so I had to delete part of Jim’s answer because he was trying to be funny…as usual. LOL

What attracted you to him?

Jim: *Lora voice* His overwhelming sexiness and humor. (Once again…he’s trying to be funny…)

Lora: I noticed him because he was so dark and handsome. We broke the ice by going over to a nearby field where we practiced hitting the ball around, etc. with friends in case we needed to play. I always tease him because (I think…and know!) he followed me around all night after that. 🙂

What did you do on dates?

Jim: Pretty typical stuff. Hanging out with our mutual friends, and eventually going out to dinner and movies together.

Lora: He had a motorcycle at the time. I remember going on bike rides with him as well as rides with our friends. We also did a lot of other leagues together. We were part of a volleyball league, dodgeball league, softball league. We did that for some date nights and had a lot of fun! And the movies and dinner outings, of course.

Did you give each other Valentines?

Jim: Of course! I am not a fan of the dog house. We were big fans of the the TV series “The Walking Dead.” One of my favorite cards to Lora made reference to the zombie apocalypse and how I would be the one zombie following her everywhere.

Lora: I’ve given him some homemade gifts. I remember one year in particular, I put Post-it notes throughout the house where I knew he would see them throughout his morning routine that explained why I love him on each Post-it. I know there are blogs and memes, all that sort of stuff out there, stating a man should do that for their partner but why not the other way around? I secretly think he loved it. 😉 He’s always been good to me on Valentine’s Day, too.

How did you know she/he was the one?

Jim: This one is pretty complex. For me, it was like I reached a point where I couldn’t function properly without her. It’s as though Lora gave me focus and more of a purpose, if that makes any sense. I feel like the best thing to happen to a guy is to have a woman that makes him a better man. Not only that, but she can actually put up with my quirks.

Lora: I honestly think I knew from our first date. And of course, when he met my mom and the rest of my family. I saw how he was with his nieces and I just knew he was a great man and would be a great father someday. That right there had me as well. And his humor, seriously! He made and still makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. That trait is one of the things I love most about him.

Who proposed? Details…

Jim: I proposed in her mother’s kitchen after asking her mother for her hand in marriage.

Lora: Jim proposed to me in my mother’s kitchen, yes. But what he forgot to mention was that it also happened to be Easter and my birthday that day as well. I honestly had no idea he was going to do it that day. My first response after his proposal was…”It’s about time ya big lug!” Oh dear! How unromantic was that?! Maybe leave that part out. LOL

What was your wedding date? Where, when, name of pastor, special details?

Jim: October 3, 2009 – It was actually a gloomy day, but I remember seeing the most beautiful double rainbow that day.

Lora: Yes. I remember that day so well. It was so gloomy, cold, and rainy. I remember having to wear a coat between picture takes because it was too cold outside in just my dress. We were also supposed to have the wedding outside but with how the temps decided to drop, we had to move it inside. It worked out just perfect inside the Oneota Lodge in Spencer, Iowa. We had friends and family come help decorate and it was perfect. My mother stood up for me and Jim’s dad stood up for him. It was a small wedding, and it was just perfect.

What advice would you give to those thinking of marriage?

Jim: Don’t set time tables or rush to get married. All growing up I had things “all planned out.” I was going to be married at 25 and shortly thereafter have my first child, blah blah blah. I was 34 when Lora and I got married and it turns out that was my “right time.”

Lora: I agree with Jim. So many people think that after college, the first thing you need to do is get married. It will happen when it’s supposed to. Marriage is such a special, life-time commitment — don’t rush it. It will all fall into place when it’s supposed to.

What do you credit with keeping your marriage going, strong, etc?

Jim: Obviously, my amazing sense of humor. Supporting each other and being each other’s biggest fan. Being on the same “team”…it’s us against our four girls! It can be tough sometimes, and even we could do a better job of this, but making time for one another.

Lora: Okay, so he has an amazing sense of humor.

Honestly, it’s a team effort. Yes, it’s “us against our four girls.” There are good times and not so good times (which I’m sure most people can agree with), but working as a team does the job. We are a close-knit family. We’re open with each other and tell each other everything. We pray together. We laugh together. We make sacrifices for each other. Even if it’s doing something the other one doesn’t want to do. LOL. Sorry I made you go see that romantic movie with me, Jim, but you survived. Let’s go watch the new Avengers movie next month. Gotta give a little and take a little, right?

Also, make time for one another. Jim is right (yes I just said that). When you make time for each other and grow in your relationship, I believe it just strengthens other parts of your lives as well.

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