Girls win first round

Posted February 13, 2019 at 3:41 pm

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Playing at home in the first round of playoffs Feb. 8, the Akron-Westfield girls basketball team defeated Remsen St. Mary’s, 60-22, to advance to the next round. Round two was Tuesday, Feb. 12 in Kingsley when A-W faced Kingsley-Pierson.

Leading scorers for A-W were Kassie Vanderlinden and Natalie Nielsen who each had 14 points. Kassie had four three-point shots and two free throws and adding one rebound and two assists. Natalie had six field goals and two free throws and adding eight rebounds, two steals, and one block.

Brooke Koele had 10 points from three field goals and four free throws; five rebounds, one steal, and three blocks.

Jaden Harris had six points from two field goals and two free throws; four rebounds, four assists, and four steals.

Jayla Berg had six points from two field goals and two free throws; two rebounds, and one steal.

Chloee Colt had four points from two field goals; two rebounds, four assists, and three steals.

McKenna Henrich had three points from a three-point shot; one rebound, and four assists.

Elise Knapp had two points from one field goal; three rebounds, and two steals.

McKenna Van Eldik had one point from a free throw; two rebounds, one assist, and one steal.

McKenna Moats had one rebound and one assist.

Nevaeh Beyer had two rebounds.

Taryn Wilken had one rebound.

Hailey Wilken had one rebound.

AW 18 – 17 – 20 – 5 = 60

RSM 3 – 7 – 6 – 6 = 22

Team: 15 of 33 field goals; 5 of 12 three-point shots, 13 of 15 free throws, 17 offensive rebounds, 16 defensive rebounds, 16 assists, 14 steals, 4 blocks, 6 team fouls.

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