Individual Events Speech contestants advance to state

Posted March 9, 2019 at 5:54 pm

Akron-Westfield Individual Events Speech participants took to the contest trail Feb. 19 with their annual recital.

Guests watched the 22 Westerner contestants perform 28 speeches in preparation for the Individual Events Speech District Contest, which had been scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 23 but was cancelled due to the weather. On Monday, Feb. 25, Westerner contestants held a private district contest at the school. The Individual Events Speech State Contest is Saturday, March 9.

Speeches receive ratings of “I – Superior;” “II – Excellent,” or “III – Good”. Those receiving a “I – Excellent” rating advance to the State Contest.

A-W contestants’ results are:

Jack Anderson: Acting: “Homework Eats Dog,” I

Jader Briggs: Expository Address: “Rubix Cube,” I

Yaritza Gonzales: Storytelling: “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed,” II

Aaron Hartman: Acting: “Camp Sunshine,” I

Kayla Johnson: Literary Program: “Daddies and Daughters,” I

Sophie Knuth: Spontaneous Speaking: I

Natalie Lewison-Brooks: Acting: “Act II, Scene II,” I and Spontaneous Speaking: II

Nash Lininger: Spontaneous Speaking, I; and Public Address: “Change The World,” I

Emma Martinac: Prose: “Cardboard Signs,” I

Madelynn Munsen: Literary Program: Introversion Is Not a Perversion,” I

Matthew Nielsen: Prose: “Memoirs of a Goldfish,” I

Emma Noll: Storytelling: “Frog Prince,” I

Sam Philips: Acting: “Dustin,” II

Taylor Pierce: After Dinner Speaking: “Merry Marching Band,” II; and Poetry: “Paul Revere’s Ride,” II

Cameron Schroeder: Public Address: “Commencement Speech,” I

Landon Schuknecht: Prose: “Grover Dill & the Tasmanian Devil,” I

Megan Swancutt: After Dinner Speaking: “Family Reunions,” I

Natalie Toben: Expository Address: “Corn!” I

Kailee Tucker: Public Address: “I Was a Would-Be School Shooter,” I; After Dinner Speaking: “Evolution of Relationships,” I

Hailey Wait: Prose: “Ruby’s Wish,” II; and Poetry: “Sexual Harassment,” I

Marlene Zamora: Acting: “Miss Firecracker,” I; Storytelling: “Skippy John Jones in the Doghouse, I

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