Question Of The Week

Posted April 11, 2019 at 5:00 am

By: Lilly Stabe

Students and staff of Akron-Westfield were recently asked, “If you could spend an entire day with a teacher, who would it be, and what would you do?”

Carson James, a freshman, said he’d spend the day with Mr. Kent Johnson and take him to buy hearing aids.

McKenna Van Eldik, a junior, stated, “Although she’s retired, I would spend a whole day with Mrs. Dirks because she’s taught me so much about life and seeing the beauty in the simple things. She also makes me laugh until my stomach hurts.”

Alexis Josten, a freshman, responded, “Mrs. Calvillo, because I love art and painting plus she is really funny.”

Parker Britton, a freshman, said, “Mr. Drent because he’s really cool, nice, and likes to play basketball and train to get better at basketball.”

Mrs. Jessica Koedam, a teacher, said she’d hangout and laugh with Mrs. Wolthuizen.

Sam Philips, a freshman, and Will VanBuskirk, a sophomore, both stated that they’d like to spend the day with Mr. Kent Johnson and move him into a nursing home.

Sydney Parks, a freshman, responded, “Colleen Westergard. I don’t know what we would do, but I know for sure that it would be fun.”

Jader Briggs, a sophomore, said that he’d like to golf 63 holes with Mr. Drent.

Mrs. Julie Bundy, a teacher, stated, “I would like to meet up with my former Spanish teacher, Senora Horan. She was amazing. I think it would be fun to go to Mexico with her for a day to do some authentic dining, some shopping, and just to catch up.”

Jorden Rabey, a freshman, said he’d like to spend the day fixing cars with Mr. Drent.

Dakota Heeren, a junior, stated that he’d like to go play bingo with Mr. Kent Johnson.

Mr. Mike Allner, a teacher, responded, “Mr. Mounts, my teacher and coach from my high school days. He passed several years ago but I really enjoyed being around him for his dry humor and his knack of motivating his athletes.”

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