Seven Acre Photo opens at 230 Reed St.

Posted May 9, 2019 at 5:00 am

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By Julie Ann Madden

“Is there a monkey on my head?”

That is the catch phrase that works every time with little kids. It’s also her favorite angle to get of children — shooting down as they are looking up at her head.

“It’s like you’re looking into their little souls through their eyes,” said Seven Acre Photo owner Liz Less of Akron who opened her photography studio in a spare bedroom in her rural Akron home in 2010.

In 2013, the Less family moved into Akron, setting up her studio there, too. In the Fall of 2016, Less moved her business to a Central Avenue storefront in Le Mars, sharing studio space with another photography business.

Just this past October, she and her husband, Mitch, purchased the former Chuggers bar, located at 230 Reed St., and began remodeling.

The interior is finished and she is open for business while work continues on the exterior.

Less specializes in maternity, birth, newborn, family and milestone photography.

“Interaction shots are my absolute favorite,” said Less. “I’m more of a real life photographer.”

“The perfect pose — everybody smiling at the camera is great,” she said, “but I really like the connection images, the ones you can’t plan for — the candid moments.”

Whether it’s a family interacting with each other or a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary — it’s those rare moments in time where everybody is getting along, happy, not thinking about anything else that are her favorites to capture in photographs, said Less.

As Less looks toward the future of her business, it’s more than just profitability she told The Akron Hometowner.

“I really want to get people back to a place where wall art of printed pictures is their priority,” explained Less. “I’ve been a ‘product’ photographer for at least five years now.”

“I’m really happy with the clients who opt to go with the physical products,” she said. “In a digital age, it’s really easy to just want everything instantly and on your computer but technology is always changing.”

“Think about if your grandparents had gotten married and their photographer had handed them whatever format we were using at that time, you wouldn’t be able to see those photos today,” said Less. “Technology has its place from an archival standpoint. It’s great to backup everything but you have to have physical products.”

“That’s my main goal from a session — to actually give you something to enjoy your pictures on — that your kids will fight over when you are gone,” she said.

Seven Acre Photo is a full-service studio — from going shopping for your clothing to wear or selecting items from her clothing stash and providing photographic props to pampering clients with snacks and coffee during photo sessions and assisting them in picking their favorite wall art prints to take home.

“Every aspect of the session I want to be fun so I offer to help with anything clients need,” said Less. “You’re going to walk away with something that can be passed down in your family.”

Seven Acre Photo sessions are by appointment only — newborns are usually weekday mornings while outdoor sessions are in the half-hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset using natural lighting.

People can make appointments by calling Less at 712-539-2767, emailing her at or visit her website,

“There can be an assumption that professional photography is too expensive but in the grand scheme, you have to look at it as an investment in a moment of time,” said Less, encouraging families to reach out for help photographing children who may have a terminal condition or newborns in the NICU. She also offers couples celebrating 35 or more years of marriage a session special.

“Every life, long or short, deserves to be documented. The happy moments are easy but there can be beauty in the not-so-happy moments, too,” said Less.

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