What are Akron’s rules for ATVs, golf carts, brush piles?

Posted June 13, 2019 at 5:00 am

ATVs/Off-Road Utility Vehicles

• Drivers must have valid Operators Driver’s License. NOTE: This is the license children are eligible to get at age 16 to drive vehicles.

• ATVs must be registered at county recorder’s office

• In Akron, ATVs can be driven on city streets but NOT on Iowa Highway 12 between Eighth and South Streets and Iowa Highway 3 (South Street) from Iowa Highway 12 to Fifth Street.

• ATVs can only cross the state highways at these two specific intersections:

A) The intersection of Fourth Street-Country Club Drive and Iowa Highway 3 (South Street); and

B) The intersection of Iowa Highway 12 and Main Street, which is where the city’s Triangular Park with the electronic sign is. This is the only permitted crossing of Iowa Highway 12.

• Cannot be operated on an operating railroad right-of-way such as along the D & I Railroad tracks on the west side of Iowa Highway 12.

• Cannot be operated in any city park, playground or any other city-owned property without the express permission of city officials. However, ATVs can be driven in these areas on designated roads open for vehicle travel.

• Cannot be operated upon public sidewalks or that portion of the street located between the curb line and the sidewalk or property line commonly referred to as the “parking,” except for the express purpose of snow removal and plowing.

• May stop at convenience stores along designated public streets.

• Cannot be operated on snowmobile trails except where designated.

Golf Carts

• Drivers must have valid Operators Driver’s License. NOTE: This is the license children are eligible to get at age 16 to drive vehicles. A child under age 16 driving a golf cart or ATV can get a ticket for not having a valid driver’s license, which may affect their privileges of obtaining a driver’s license at age 16 to drive a vehicle.

• Drivers must follow same laws as if driving vehicle

• Golf Cart must be equipped with:

• Slow-moving vehicle sign

• Bicycle safety flag

• Adequate brakes

• Only operated on city streets between sunrise and sunset.

• Cannot be driven on “primary extension roads” throughout Akron. This means that golf carts cannot be operated on Iowa Highway 12 and Iowa Highway 3, also known as South Street. However, drivers are allowed to cross the state highways such as going from Fourth Street to Country Club Drive.

Brush Pile

• Akron residents only can place tree and brush debris at the Akron Brush Pile sites.

• There are two Piles: 1) Tree branches and brush only; and 2) Grass and leaves.

• Absolutely nothing else is to be placed in these two piles — no garbage, plastic bags, boxes — nothing whatsoever.

• Currently, city officials have a contractor who removes the pile of grass and leaves for use in a private compost site. Contractors have quit because of garbage and other items found in piles.

• If Brush Piles’ Rules are not followed, these sites will be closed and residents will have to dispose of tree and brush debris elsewhere.

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