A-W has six shared positions

Posted July 4, 2019 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

With the state’s monetary incentives for school districts which share administrative positions, Akron-Westfield will only pay $41,359.90 for five administrative positions in FY 2020, according to A-W Shared Superintendent Randy Collins.

The total cost of the five positions is $535,138 with A-W’s portion costing $186,700.90 of that total. A-W receives $145,341 in Operational Share State Revenue incentives, reducing their cost to $41,359.90.

At their June 10 meeting, the Akron-Westfield School Board unanimously approved five of the six shared position contracts.

Operations Director

The Operations Director, which is employee Bob Brewington, is shared with five school districts — A-W, Hinton, Lawton-Bronson, West Sioux and Whiting.

Noting Brewington has more than 40 years of experience in facility operations, this sharing generates about $160,000 for the five districts from the state’s Operational Share revenues, — each district gets between $15,000 and $20,000, said Collins, adding A-W has 20 percent of Brewington’s time.

Human Resource Director

The Human Resource Director, currently held by Cari Brogden, is also shared by five districts. A-W shares the position with Kingsley-Pierson, West Sioux, Whiting and Woodbury Central.

This position also will net $160,000 for the five districts. Brogden’s duties differ somewhat at each district from payroll and insurance to contracts and board policies. For A-W, she is responsible for payroll procedures.

Transportation Director

The Transportation Director position, currently held by Rick Dirks, is shared 50-50 with West Sioux.

Dirks does a great job and it’s been a good partnership between West Sioux and us sharing this position, said Collins.

Food Service Director

A-W Food Service Director Charlotte Anderson is shared with West Sioux. A-W has 40 percent of her time while WS has 60 percent. She manages four kitchens in the two districts.

Collins noted most districts operate their Hot Lunch programs in the red but A-W has a positive balance of more than $200,000 as the end of FY 2019 nears — a credit to Anderson.

Technology Director

The Technology Director position is shared with West Sioux with A-W receiving 15 percent of the time.

Currently, Bob Bak provides three services for A-W as a consultant for large technological purchases, the eRate program, and Break-Fix program.

Sixth Shared Position

The sixth shared position was unanimously approved at the board’s May meeting.

The shared superintendent position, which is held by Randy Collins, was changed from full-time to a 0.66 position. A-W splits his time equally with Whiting.

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