Wicked skies around Akron

Posted July 25, 2019 at 5:00 am

Stormy sky.tif

On July 17, people awoke early to the threat of dangerous storms in the area which had possible hail, strong winds, torrential rain, and even tornados. The skies had a green tint which could mean hail. Thankfully Akron and the surrounding area avoided the hail and tornados but did receive rain. This came a day after another rainstorm had taken place and a week of extremely hot temperatures in the 90s with heat indexes in the 100s. Again on July 20 the area received more rain and strong winds knocking some branches off trees. Due to the rain, which also occurred north of this area, a flood warning remained in effect. On Monday afternoon, the Big Sioux River at Akron was at 17.62’ and was expected to reach 17.9’ July 23 barring no more rain. This rain also delays work to begin on S.D. Highway 48 which has been closed since March.

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