Question of the Week

Posted November 7, 2019 at 11:17 pm

By: Kainan Otten

This week’s question of the week is What is your favorite time of the school day and why?

Hope Hasenbank, a junior, said, “Third period health because we’re talking about mental health and I find it interesting to take a look deeper into different people’s minds.”

Mrs. Liebetrau, Study Hall Monitor, said, “ All day. If I was not here, then I would be out on the streets causing mischief.”

Junior Cameron Moore’s favorite time of the school day is whenever he has Mr. Kent Johnson’s class because, “We all get to laugh when he says ‘that’s the sticky wicket!’ over and over again.”

Dawn Martinsen, Third grade teacher, loves read aloud time because, “I love reading to my students with lots of expressions and then listen to them BEG me not to stop reading!”

Sophomore Aubie Hartman’s favorite time of the day is, “First period Animal Science because it’s one of the few classes that doesn’t stress me out.”

Trey Henke said, “Second period. I get to do math and I like math. Math is good.”

Junior Claudia DiCandia’s favorite time of the day is, “Health Education because it’s a really nice class where we learn about ourselves and others.”

New Westerner Review Staff Advisor, Ms. Tina Miller said, “My favorite time of day is early morning before Mr. Kent Johnson arrives. Who am I kidding? I’ll never beat him to work!”

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