Thorson Drug burglarized

Posted December 12, 2019 at 6:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

There have been lots of leads regarding last week’s burglary at Thorson Drug in Akron but no arrest yet, Akron Police Chief Bill Young told The Akron Hometowner Sunday evening in a phone interview.

In the wee hours of Wednesday, Dec. 4, a single white man, approximately 6’ to 6’2” tall and weighing at least 160 lbs., wearing a dark-colored ski mask and gloves with Carhart-type jacket and light-colored pants broke into Akron’s only pharmacy through the business’ cellar door at the rear of the building.

Young is convinced his department will solve this burglary as it was captured on security video surveillance — both at the drug store and from nearby security cameras along Reed Street.

The video shows at about 2:30 a.m., a man walks up and down Reed Street, shining a light into Thorson Drug, said Young. Then he turns into the narrow walkway, which runs north-south between the Akron Pizza Ranch and Postrock Brokerage buildings. The man stops in the walkway for about a minute, then continues going north to the rear of the buildings.

The man gained entrance by cutting the padlock off Thorson Drug’s cellar doors and entering the basement and making his way to the pharmacy department, Young said. Once there he can be seen picking up pill bottles, reading their labels and then putting them back.

“From the video, it seems he’s not finding what he’s looking for,” said Young. “It appears, at this point, he didn’t actually leave with anything from the pharmacy. He wasn’t looking for antibiotics — I think he was looking for narcotics – hydrocodone, oxycodone. He didn’t get to the narcotics.”

“It appears the only thing missing from Thorson Drug is the cellar door’s padlock,” said Young, noting nothing else appears to be missing — not drugs, money, gift items. “It appears that narcotics was entirely his motivation, and he didn’t end up with anything.”

Later that morning, Young and Akron Police Officer Andrew Hansen assisted the Plymouth County Sheriff’s deputies with conducting a search warrant on a vehicle in Le Mars.

In that search, a set of bolt cutter tools was confiscated and has been sent to the Department of Criminal Investigation lab for testing to see if it was the one used in this burglary, said Young. In addition, other items from the burglary entrance are also being sent to the DCI labs for DNA testing.

“As of (Sunday evening) I have no suspect that I can strongly name (as the alleged burglar),” said Young, explaining even though nothing was taken, the charge will still be burglary as Iowa law defines burglary as anyone who enters an occupied structure that is not open to the public, with the intent to commit a theft or felony inside. “We can demonstrate from the video and evidence we have that he had every intention of stealing something — he just didn’t find what he was looking for.”

Anybody who has information is encouraged to contact Akron Police Chief Bill Young at 712-552-7016. The videos were posted on The Akron Hometowner Facebook page.

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