It’s the real thing in Akron!

Posted December 20, 2019 at 8:57 pm

*j Akron Bev & Louie Welch house.tif

Antique red trucks are one of the most popular holiday items this year.

One can find all kinds of Christmas decorations, clothing and goodies featuring the red antique trucks.

In Akron, it’s not just a photo replica — it’s the real thing at the Louie and Bev Welch residence at 1080 Mason Court.

This decorated 1948 Chevrolet truck was owned by Louie’s father, the late Mike Welch.

Another special note in this Christmas scene is the Santa Claus on the far right is one of the original Santa Claus signs from Akron’s Santa Claus Lane (North Seventh Street). His mother had lived on Santa Claus Lane.

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