Eight A-W wrestlers place at home tournament

Posted December 20, 2019 at 9:01 pm

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Eight Akron-Westfield wrestlers placed at the Jim Henrich Westerner Invitational Dec. 14 held at Akron-Westfield.

Placing fourth were Bryce Jurgensen, Jader Briggs, and Lakin Heeren.

Placing fifth were Eli Medina and Cole Moffatt.

Placing sixth were Kyle Welch, Carson James, and Jacob Hankins.

106: Bryce Jurgensen, 4th Quarterfinals – Bryce Jurgensen (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Semifinals – Coy DeBoer (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Bryce Jurgensen (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:41) 3rd Place Match – Sawyer Callahan (B-G-M, Brooklyn) over Bryce Jurgensen (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 2:19)

113: Eli Medina, 5th Champ. Round 1 – Eli Medina (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Quarterfinals – Dallon Murty (B-G-M, Brooklyn) over Eli Medina (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:52) Cons. Round 1 – Eli Medina (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Cons. Semis – Eli Medina (Akron-Westfield) received a bye 5th Place Match – Eli Medina (Akron-Westfield) over Tyler Orzechowski (Kingsley-Pierson) (M. For.)

126: Jader Briggs, 4th Quarterfinals – Jader Briggs (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Semifinals – Dalton Anderson (Ponca) over Jader Briggs (Akron-Westfield) (Dec 12-5) 3rd Place Match – Eli Broesder (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Jader Briggs (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 3:28)

132: Lukas Taylor, Did Not Place (DNP) Champ. Round 1 – Shane Farnik (Creighton) over Lukas Taylor (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:11) Cons. Round 1 – Nathan Harvey (Cherokee, Washington) over Lukas Taylor (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:09)

132: Landyn Vossberg, DNP Champ. Round 1 – Nathan Harvey (Cherokee, Washington) over Landyn Vossberg (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 2:46) Cons. Round 1 – Landyn Vossberg (Akron-Westfield) over Shane Farnik (Creighton) (Fall 1:55) Cons. Semis – Bryson Martindale (Westwood, Sloan) over Landyn Vossberg (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 0:49)

138: Micheal Varns, DNP Champ. Round 1 – Josh Harvey (Kingsley-Pierson) over Micheal Varns (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 3:16) Cons. Round 1 – Micheal Varns (Akron-Westfield) over Tom Heilman (Westwood, Sloan) (Fall 1:23) Cons. Semis – Bryce Kremer (Cherokee, Washington) over Micheal Varns (Akron-Westfield) (SV-1 6-4)

145: Kyle Welch, 6th Quarterfinals – Blake Mann (B-G-M, Brooklyn) over Kyle Welch (Akron-Westfield) (Dec 10-7) Cons. Round 1 – Kyle Welch (Akron-Westfield) over Marshall Benson (Kingsley-Pierson) (Fall 1:45) Cons. Semis – Kyle Welch (Akron-Westfield) over Brandon Elbers (Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley) (Fall 1:42) 5th Place Match – RJ Wilmes (Creighton) over Kyle Welch (Akron-Westfield) (Dec 12-5)

160: Cole Moffatt, 5th Quarterfinals – Sam Vortherms (Creighton) over Cole Moffatt (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 3:37) Cons. Round 1 – Cole Moffatt (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Cons. Semis – Cole Moffatt (Akron-Westfield) over Reid Vande Stroet (Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley) (Fall 0:17) 5th Place Match – Cole Moffatt (Akron-Westfield) over Carson Furhman (Cherokee, Washington) (Fall 4:40)

170: Carson James, 6th Champ. Round 1 – Carson James (Akron-Westfield) over Steve Heilman (Westwood, Sloan) (Fall 1:40) Quarterfinals – Brenden Fisch (Cherokee, Washington) over Carson James (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 0:31) Cons. Round 1 – Carson James (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Cons. Semis – Carson James (Akron-Westfield) over Easton Pavlik (Creighton) (Fall 2:36) 5th Place Match – Jacob Van Der Brink (Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley) over Carson James (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:26)

195: Lakin Heeren, 4th Champ. Round 1 – Lakin Heeren (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Quarterfinals – Lakin Heeren (Akron-Westfield) over Omar Hernandez-Rivera (Westwood, Sloan) (Fall 5:53) Semifinals – Jeramie Kane (B-G-M, Brooklyn) over Lakin Heeren (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:40) 3rd Place Match – Connor Cooling (B-G-M, Brooklyn) over Lakin Heeren (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:29)

220: Jacob Hankins, 6th Champ. Round 1 – Jacob Hankins (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Quarterfinals – Brandon Roemeling (Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley) over Jacob Hankins (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:08) Cons. Round 1 – Jacob Hankins (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Cons. Semis – Jacob Hankins (Akron-Westfield) over Tyson Lamp (Akron-Westfield) (M. For.) 5th Place Match – Jacob Rader (Lawton-Bronson) over Jacob Hankins (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:11)

220: Tyson Lamp, DNP Quarterfinals – Isaac Hooyer (Sioux Center) over Tyson Lamp (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 0:28) Cons. Round 1 – Tyson Lamp (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Cons. Semis – Jacob Hankins (Akron-Westfield) over Tyson Lamp (Akron-Westfield) (M. For.)

285: Cael Moffatt, DNP Champ. Round 1 – Cael Moffatt (Akron-Westfield) received a bye Quarterfinals – TK Lang (Sheldon/South O`Brien) over Cael Moffatt (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 1:20) Cons. Round 1 – Isaac Roskam (Sioux Center) over Cael Moffatt (Akron-Westfield) (Fall 2:53)

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