WS overpowers A-W

Posted January 26, 2020 at 5:43 pm

*Carter Drent jump ball.tif

West Sioux is a strong, good team with great shooting, rebounding, and working together as a team. They came to Akron Jan. 14 and handed Akron-Westfield a 114-40 loss. West Sioux remains undefeated at 12-0.

Leading scorer for WS was Bryce Coppock with 31, followed by Hunter Dekkers with 30. Leading scorer for A-W was Carter Drent with 12, followed by Colton Dennison with 8.

Other scorers for A-W were Derek Vanderlinden with 6, Jack Anderson and Daytona Foley with 4 each, and Sawyer Drent and Sam Mullinix with 3 each.

AW 11 – 10 – 14 – 5 = 40

WS 32 – 37 – 30 – 15 = 114

I (Dodie Hook) have just one thing to say to Hunter Dekkers: “Why didn’t you choose Purdue for football (my alma mater)? We could use a quarterback!!! Good luck at Iowa State.

Boys vs Alcester-Hudson

Alcester-Hudson came to town Jan. 16 and handed the Westerners a 55-48 loss. (No stats available).

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