Hawarden Regional Healthcare partners with MercyOne Akron Family Medicine

Posted February 6, 2020 at 6:00 am

Hawarden Regional Healthcare (HRH) in Hawarden is pleased to announce that it is working with MercyOne Siouxland to bring the MercyOne Akron Family Medicine in Akron into the operations of Hawarden Regional Healthcare.

“Hawarden Regional Healthcare and MercyOne Siouxland have a long-term standing relationship and here at MercyOne Siouxland it is exciting to see that relationship strengthen between the two organizations. I view this transition as a win for both the organizations and for the Akron community,” says Rob Stowe, Executive Director of Rural Hospital Operations, Mercy One Siouxland.

“Our hope is to have this transition complete by mid-March,” says Jayson Pullman, CEO of Hawarden Regional Healthcare.

With the transition, Hawarden Regional Healthcare will be adding three excellent providers to the team. Kelly Pomerenke, MD, Paul Niles, PA-C and Jennifer Milby, FNP-C are great assets to the Akron community. It is important to continue to look at opportunities for continued growth in our region.

“Having seven primary care providers creates flexibility and efficiency for the organization. This depth of providers will create advantages to attract more providers to the service area, enhance specialty provider offerings that you may have had to drive out of town before, so being able to provide this level of service locally is going to be a huge benefit for both communities,” says Pullman.

Kelly Pomerenke, MD, Paul Niles, PA-C and Jennifer Milby, FNP-C will be collaborating with HRH to enhance the overall care in the Akron community and the region.

HRH is also pleased to announce that Mellany Risdal, who is currently the clinic manager at MercyOne Akron Family Medicine, has accepted the clinic manager position to oversee all HRH clinics, which will include Hawarden, Ireton and Akron.

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