Senior Spotlight

Posted February 15, 2020 at 7:58 pm

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Jerrica DeGroot

By: Alyssa Musel

Jerrica was born on November 15, 2001, to Jonathan De Groot and Jayne Stock in Sioux Center, Iowa. She has three siblings, Jesse, Joel, and Madison.

Jerrica likes to drive around and fish during her free time. Her favorite childhood memory is when she glued a poster to her wall and when they moved her mom went to take the poster down and it came off in little pieces. Her most embarrassing moment was when she shaved her eyebrows in the third grade before picture day.

After high school she wants to live life to its fullest and become a photographer to capture the amazing moments life has to offer. Jerrica’s biggest regret about high school is not being more involved in school or being in activities. The nickname given to her is Jerr Bear. A bad habit she would like to break is trying to please everyone around her and instead make herself happy. Her favorite movie is “Sweet Home Alabama”. Her favorite thing about high school is having privileges and all of Mr. Kent Johnson’s classes.

Jerrica’s advice for teachers is to take it easy on students because you never know what is going on in their lives. The advice she gives to underclassmen is to try your best. If you try your best then teachers won’t be as hard on you.

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