Akron- Westfield Honor Choir

Posted February 15, 2020 at 7:58 pm

By: Cori Main

Akron-Westfield’s high school vocal teacher, Mr. Ryan Schuknecht took seven seniors to Dordt College for the Northwest Iowa honor Choir on January 20, 2020. The seniors included: Jackson Newton, Daytona Foley, Sean Steffen, Jack Anderson, Kailee Tucker, Taylor Pierce, and Raileigh Edwards.

Kailee Tucker said, “We sang with a variety of kids from former all- staters to students who are going on to sing in college. It was amazing to see how great a choir can sound with those types of people all combined together. It was fun to sing with people who actually tried and it showed us how good you could actually be when you sing with a group of people who take it seriously.” Taylor Pierce said, “The director was a lot of fun, everyone got right to work and stayed on track the whole day.”

Mr. Schuknecht tries to pick eight seniors each year, two per voice which include soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Another tip from Mr. Schuknecht is to stay involved. “I try to choose seniors who have been the most active and involved in vocal music throughout high school because it is a fantastic experience for students.”

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