National History Day students advance to state contest

Posted March 20, 2020 at 2:46 pm

j National History Day at districts.tif

Akron-Westfield students on our their way to Iowa’s National History Day competition.

On Tuesday, March 10, there were 35 students who competed at the National History Day District Contest at Orange City.

This year’s theme is “Breaking Breaking In History.”

The state contest is set for April 27 at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines. Those that win at the state contest will compete at the National History Day Contest June 14 – 18 in College Park, Maryland.

Akron-Westfield students whose projects advance to the state competition are:


• The Telegraph: Breaking Barriers by Revolutionizing Communication, created by Melissa Fairbanks and Peyton Small.

• Branch Breaking Baseball Barriers: designed by Reegan McKee, Aidan Hart and Nathan Gaswint.

• Nellie Bly: Breaking the Barrier of Gender Biases to Create Investigative Journalism: Luke Meinen, Emma Milbrodt, Annie Newton and Allison Nixa.


• The Battle of Midway: Overcoming a Formidable Japanese Barrier designed by Matthew Swancutt and Ian Milbrodt.

• Alan Turing: The Father of Modern Computing, Breaking the Enigma Code created by Kaden Joy, Daynen McKee and Jack Schoenfelder.


• The Chernobyl Incident: Breaking the Barrier of Unsafe Nuclear Energy created by Tanner Frerichs and Dawson Trobaugh.

• Rural Electrification, Breaking Barriers with the Flip of a Switch created by Josie Jacobs, Addison Naslund, Ben Philips, Lainey Schuknecht and Hayden Wahlberg.

Individual Performances

• The Doolittle Raid: Overcoming Barriers to Attack the Japanese Homeland performed by Nathan Schoenfelder.

• Lewis Hine: Breaking Barriers Shattering Child Labor Using Photography performed by Mandolin Young.

Group Performances

• Open Sesame: The Street that Opened the Door to Equal Opportunity Education through Television performed by Campbell Anderson, Dexter Briggs, Adissen Nielsen, Kelsey Saathoff and Ashley Zamora-Ruiz.

• Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Breaking Barriers to Create Champions performed by Matthew Beierschmitt, Brody Knapp, Austyn Koedam, Corrinne Moffatt and Emily Small.

Other Participants

These National History Day projects did not advance to the state competition:

• Stonewall Riots Exhibit: Josie Blakeslee and Chelsea Moss.

• Individual Exhibit: Amelia Earhart by Allison Palmer.

• Apollo 13 Exhibit by Noah Boie and Cooper Jacobson.

Congratulations to all National History Day students — great work on your projects!