Parade of Waves brings sea of joy

Posted March 24, 2020 at 9:20 pm

*cars file out.tif

by Dodie Hook

There were dune buggies, trucks, cars, and vehicles of all kinds which participated in what was dubbed “Parade of Waves” Saturday, March 21 in Akron.

The idea was conceived the day before by Christy Walrod, who’s husband, Bobby, is in the Akron Care Center. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Akron Care Center has been shut down to visitors. The Walrod family missed seeing their husband, dad, and son so this idea was born.

The parade brought joy to the residents of the care center as they watched and waved from inside the facility.

With a few phone calls and people spreading the word, over 50 vehicles participated in the parade. Many vehicles were decorated and had signs, and people waved all the way to the Akron Care Center.

The procession was led by Akron Police Chief Bill Young followed by the Akron Fire-Rescue vehicles. Ironically, The Akron Fire Department received a call as the parade approached the Care Center and many in the procession had to fly by to the fire station.

There is talk this could be a weekly event while things are shut down. Watch for details on The Akron Hometowner and Akron Care Center Facebook pages.

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