‘Hearts for Akron’

Posted April 13, 2020 at 7:03 pm

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By Julie Ann Madden

Take a walk around or drive around Akron and one will see colorful hearts in many windows.

Becky Meinen, of Akron, saw a Facebook post of another community creating a “Hearts in the Windows” campaign to show love and support during this time of Coronavirus isolation, and with a little encouragement from Akron Chamber of Commerce President Jennie Roed, Becky asked her fellow residents to do it.

“The reason I felt it was so cool is I feel like we’re all in a state of panic,” said Becky, whose hair and tanning salon, Serenity Salon, was closed by an emergency declaration of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. “It’s just a really scary time.”

“I thought it would bring some hope and love to Akron,” she said. “It thought it would be something for kids to see as well.”

“I just felt like there needed to be some sort of happiness with all that was going on,” said Becky. “With a lot of businesses closed and a lot of people not able to be out, I felt it would be a good way for all people to come together now we can’t all be together as one.”

“There are places across the United States doing it as well,” she said, “so I can’t take the whole credit but it was definitely a cool thing that everybody followed along.”

There are more than 200 homes plus many businesses in Akron displaying hearts in their windows, said Becky. “There are even homes out in the country that have done it.”

Westfield residents have also participated in this campaign.

Many have taken it a step further and posted their Hearts in the Windows” creation on a Facebook page called “Hearts for Akron.”

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