ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s Paige Hemmis partners with Tomboy Tools

Posted August 1, 2012 at 5:00 am

Colorado based Tomboy Tools Inc. has partnered with Paige Hemmis because she shares the same goals and mission for women: to feel confident with tools, and learn how to do some of their own home projects while sharing that knowledge with others.

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Paige Hemmis meets with Tomboy Tools Consultant Tambrey Groves of Westfield.

Paige brings her tool knowledge, design expertise, inspiration, and DIY (Do-it-Yourself) passion to women across the country.

Although many people still consider home improvement projects to be a man’s job, half of America’s women have undertaken a home improvement job in the past two years. Women account for more than $80 billion worth of purchases in the home improvement industry. This rising trend is due to women owning their own homes and tackling their own home repair and maintenance projects.

Contributing to the growing trend of women purchasing tools are home improvement shows and women consulting friends. It’s not a good feeling to always have to ask someone else. Usually, the asking involved waiting – waiting until it was convenient for them or waiting on a repair person who may or may not fix it for a reasonable price.

That’s why Tomboy Tools and Paige Hemmis are the perfect fit with this growing trend. They show women that these projects and repairs are not difficult with the right knowledge and tools.

“When each of us quit waiting on someone else and began to gain the skills and confidence to tackle projects ourselves, we discovered something interesting. It empowered us!” said Tambrey Groves of Westield who is a Tomboy Tools consultant.

“With a little knowledge and the right tools you can go a long way. Saving money and time, along with increasing your confidence level is priceless. It’s come full circle for many and they are thankful they took that first step,” says Paige Hemmis.

Tomboy Tools provides the opportunity for women to host “tool parties,” allowing women to come together to learn and share valuable skills in a welcoming environment. But tool parties are so much more than an opportunity to sell. “It’s about bringing women together in a fun, social environment to share their knowledge, project ideas, and inspire others. It’s not only about how our tools can help with their day-to-day home, craft, or hobby projects, but we also have a strong dedication to making sure we are supporting a woman’s sense of empowerment and self fulfillment,” says Tambrey.

About Tomboy Tools, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Tomboy Tools, an Entrepreneur magazine Top 100 Brilliant Company, is the only provider of hands-on education and direct seller of high-quality, ergonomically designed tools for women. Tomboy Tools works with ergonomic specialists, designers, and manufacturers to provide tools that are lightweight, durable, ergonomic, high-quality, and comfortable for women.

Tool parties are held nationally by Independent Consultants, where guests learn simple tool applications, cost-effective techniques, share project ideas and money saving tips, and gain the confidence to tackle basic home and DIY projects on their own in a fun, social, and engaging environment.

For more information about Tomboy Tools, its partnership with Paige Hemmis, its products, or starting your own business, contact Tambrey Groves, Tomboy Tools consultant at 712-550-1191, or visit

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