A-W receives new Crow’s Nest

Posted August 8, 2012 at 5:00 am

j Crows nest construction workers.tif

The old Crow’s Nest which set at the top of the home team’s bleachers along the west side of the football field is now just a memory. On Aug. 2, DeRocher Construction employees removed the old 20’ x 9’ structure and were busy constructing a 36’x 10’ building which includes dividing walls so both the Westerners’ coaches and the opponents’ coaches will have their own private space. There is also a separate area for the videographer. What the fans will notice is that there is more window access for the announcers and officials to view the action on the field. DeRocher Construction owners Mitch and Corey donated their own labor while the school district paid for the materials and their employees’ labor. The Westerners will play their first home game is Sept. 7. From left: Zach Tindall, Mitch DeRocher (behind:) Josh Schaffert, Justin Borchers (behind:) Roman Eastman, and Corey DeRocher.

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