New bait shop’s open in Akron

Posted August 23, 2012 at 5:00 am

by Coreen Robinson

D&B Live Bait Shop.tif

Brett and Denise Van Noort of Akron supply fishermen with bait.

When they moved to Akron a year ago, Brett and Denise Van Noort made plans to continue a family tradition.

The couple opened D&B Live Bait in March at their home along Highway 12 in Akron. The small shop offers a variety of bait including night crawlers, chubs, liver, shrimp stink bait, and some small tackle.

“We try to cater to catfish fishermen in the area,” Van Noort noted.

Running bait shops is something Brett has been familiar with since he was a child. His father runs a bait shop in Hawarden that sells mostly night crawlers.

What started as a family project continues to grow as the couple plans to offer more selection to customers next summer.

The business offers some rewarding moments for the Van Noorts. Brett noted that one Akron-Westfield high school student simply thanked him for opening the shop and said Akron was in need of this business.

“When we moved here a year ago I knew no one, but through this business we have gotten to know so many nice people in town,” Brett said.

The couple would like to thank the Big Sioux Catfish Association and Bobby Walrod for their assistance.

“They’ve really taught us so much,” said Brett.

If anyone has suggestions, the Van Noorts encourage them to stop by their shop on the corner of Iowa Highway 12 and Dakota Street.

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