Akron Council holds public hearing on selling of Trotzig house

Posted October 4, 2012 at 5:00 am

by Julie Ann Madden

The City of Akron has received an offer on the Trotzig House, located at 200 S. Ninth St.

Therefore, the Akron councilors have set 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 9 as a public hearing on the sale.

According to Oz Homes realtor LaNay Welch, who is representing both the buyer and seller, Justin Stabe has offered $158,000 for the property, which was formerly Dr. Joseph Trotzig’s home. The proceeds of this sale will go to the New Care Center Project.

She explained Stabe has a pre-qualification (for purchase) letter from the Veterans Administration, which is different than a pre-approved loan.

As part of the deal, the Net Sheet shows the following will be owed:

• The seller, $5,000;

• Back taxes, $1,033;

• Revenue stamps, $253;

• Miscellaneous, $200;

• Deed packet, $60;

• Home Warranty Plan, $390;

• Property Settlement Fee, $150; and

• $3,000 closing costs.

The offer is really $155,000, said Welch, explaining Stabe is asking for $3,000 to cover the closing costs. So in subtracting the above costs, the net profit for the City of Akron will be $145,464 and the closing date is Oct. 31.

Welch noted Stabe wants the dead tree removed and any branches brushing the house’s roof. He will pay for a Home Inspection but may want some things fixed if any are found not working.

Mayor Harold Higman, Jr. questioned whether there would be any back taxes owed since it has been owned by the city for more than a year. Councilman Chad Ericson asked Welch to clarify this and also requested the council see Stabe’s Truth-In-Lending Statement to verify actual closing costs.

Councilor Sharon Frerichs made the motion to approve a resolution accepting the offer and setting the public hearing and Councilor Denise Loutsch-Beitelspacher seconded it. The vote was unanimous, 4-0, with Councilor Barbara Johnson absent.

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