Senior Spotlight

Posted October 4, 2012 at 5:00 am

By: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Ashly Nicole McCormick, granddaughter of Edward McMillan and Karma Bakker was born April 29, 1995, in Sioux Falls.

Ashly has one sibling, a brother named Alex McCormick.

Ashly is often called “Ash” or “Weazel” by her friends and family.

“Ash’s” favorite childhood memory was holding her brother for the first time on the day that he was born.

Ashly’s favorite sport is talking or basketball.

Ashly’s favorite pastimes are being with her friends, listening to music, and doing art stuff.

“Weazel’s”favorite movie is The Hangover, and her favorite musicians are Lil Wayne, Carrie Underwood, and Elton John.

If Ashly could relive one moment of her life it would be the day she found out that she was going to have a brother.

In Ashly’s life the person who inspired her the most is Mrs. Dirks because she taught her that no matter what things will turn out alright and that you are who you make yourself, not who others want you to be.

When Ashly was younger, she imagined herself as a teacher

Ashly is currently employed at the Akron Care Center.

“Ash’s” most memorable moment happened when she was nine and crashed head first into a parked car while riding her bike, and got a bolt stuck in her chin.

While in high school, Ashly has been involved in Speech, art club, and choir.

Ashly’s most embarressing moment was junior year in Mr. Johnson’s class when he asked who the worst president was in their opinion and she said Hitler.

Ashly’s greatest achievement is getting her life on track, graduating high school, and deciding to go to college.

What “Weazel”enjoyed most about high school is the interaction with people and the activities.

Ashly’s biggest regret about high school is not being more involved in activities and not caring her freshman and sophomore years.

Ashly’s favorite excuse for for not turning in her homework is “It’s done, I just used invisible ink.” Also, her favorite reason for being tardy is that the bell rang and she was lost.

If she could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be to not draw whiskers on your face, don’t hold back, be yourself, and be the person to make someone’s day.

While in high school, “Ash’s” favorite class was art because she could express herself and the art room is her happy place.

After finishing high school, Ashly plans to get her nursing degree and go into social working.

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