Schwiesow: Sheriff write-in candidate

Posted October 25, 2012 at 11:46 pm

Retired sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow announces his write in candidacy for the Office of Sheriff in the General Election of November 6, 2012.

Schwiesow pledges to return the office to its’ former efficiency and stature and to enhance access by the public to the services that it renders.

Schwiesow’s retired in 2005 after a forty-six year law enforcement career, which encompassed three years as a military policeman, fifteen years as a municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected Sheriff of Sioux County. In 1979 Schwiesow was honored as Iowa Sheriff of the year. During the final term of his tenure Schwiesow oversaw the construction of a new law enforcement center, which included administrative offices, a 187 bed jail, and a county-wide communications center. Upon completion of the construction of the facility Schwiesow entered into a contract to incarcerate federal inmates at a per diem rate, the proceeds of which have contributed greatly to the pay off of construction costs and to the annual operational costs of the jail.

Schwiesow states as the reason for his candidacy, “To restore the integrity of the office and make it more accessible to the Sioux County constituency, to ensure staff a cohesiveness that has been disrupted by a continuing series of unwarranted firings and dismissals, and to regain the former rapidly slipping efficiency, stature, and prestige of the office statewide.

In addition to his law-enforcement experience Schwiesow served by governor’s appointment for eight consecutive years on the Iowa Board of Corrections. Schwiesow would bring his considerable training and experience in both law-enforcement and corrections to the Sheriff’s Office. By his write-in candidacy Schwiesow endeavors to bring a non-partisan law-enforcement representation to Sioux County.

When queried as to the reasons that he believes his former office is now in deficient hands, he stated, “It occurs to me that too many times the people make the mistake of electing those to office who lack character and ethics. We have observed this to be the case on all levels of government; this does not mean that the electorate must continue with deficiently inferior representation. Fortunately the people have the opportunity to correct such grievous errors of judgment in succeeding elections.

This year the people of Sioux County have a chance to remove a badly flawed person from the Sheriff’s Office. The present sheriff has absolutely no people skills; he is a micro-managing tyrant who exercises power in a cruel way. During his tenure he has constantly spied upon his staff via hidden cameras and microphones. He has used the recordings gathered from these devices to either fire or force the resignation of a number of good and proficient employees. Make a carless remark in regard to the sheriff and you are history; it is my hope that this important office might regain its former prestige and integrity; it is also my wish that recompense can be made for a lengthy list of unwarranted and illegal firings by present sheriff Dan Altena, and that justice would prevail for the list of victims of the illegal firings that have taken place under present sheriff, Altena. These firings have disrupted families and adversely affected the livelihoods of those who were terminated without just cause. The esprit and morale, in the sheriff’s office have greatly deteriorated under current leadership. The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office, once a highly respected agency, has greatly regressed during the last seven years. It is time to make the office again what it once was a well respected and highly efficient public safety agency.

I urge Sioux County citizens to join with us in helping to restore the office to its former excellence by writing in Jim Schwiesow on their ballot on Nov. 6.”

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