Ireton resident seeks supervisor’s spot

Posted October 25, 2012 at 11:47 pm

by Steve Peterson

Ron Van Ravenswaay attended the Sioux County Supervisors public budget hearing on March 6 for the 2012 – 2013 Budget.

The Ireton resident was unhappy about his experience there, and after some encouragement from friends, he filed a petition to be on the Nov. 6 ballot as a candidate for supervisor. He filed after both parties, Republican and Democrat, had their primary elections.

Van Ravenswaay is running against Hawarden resident John Degen for the supervisor slot from District No. 1, which covers western and southern Sioux County from Hawarden to Granville. Degen is the current vice chairman of the supervisors. Degen ran unopposed in the Republican Primary.

“The courthouse of Sioux County should be open to all the people of Sioux County, and the supervisors should be accountable. I went to the meeting to complain about expenditures,” said Van Ravenswaay, adding when he and other audience members had questions on county expenditures, they were threatened with removal.

Ravenswaay and two others had cameras rolling and posted their experience on YouTube.

“I had several people encouraging me to run. We got signatures from all over the district,” said Van Ravenswaay, a longtime Ireton resident. He collected about 80 signatures on his petition and will be listed as “nominated by petition” on the ballot, which he did by the deadline of late August.

Another issue for the candidate was redistricting, effective Jan. 1, which was done last Summer as the first district had a shift. The public should have been brought into the process much sooner, not waiting until the maps were drawn when public officials stated opposition to those maps.

“I would like to see the county supervisors’ meetings videotaped and placed on cable TV,” said Van Ravenswaay.

This is Van Ravenswaay’s first time for elected office.

Van Ravenswaay, 60, has lived in Ireton for about 40 years and is a lifelong Sioux County resident. He has worked in the livestock industry, also having been a trucker, an auctioneer, and a realtor.

Candidate Survey Answers

Describe your election efforts: “We need accountability.”

Things I would change, have done differently if on the Sioux County Board of Supervisors: “an open forum at meeting and video meeting.”

Thoughts on county’s financial status, impact on taxpayer: “there’s wasteful spending.”

Top priorities of the county in the next term of office: “proper redistricting with more community input.”

Comment on how major projects are handled such as budget, roads, department services: “to see how a budget public hearing is handled, go to You Tube, “Sioux County Goes Berserk.”

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