Senior Spotlight

Posted November 1, 2012 at 5:00 am


Haley Coyle

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Haley Coyle, daughter of Shane and Heather Coyle, was born October 5, 1994.

Haley has one sister, Kaberly, and one brother, Kelton.

Haley is often called, “Yelah” and “Haley Jean” by her family and friends.

“Yelah’s” favorite childhood memory is going to Las Vegas with her mom and grandma.

Haley’s favorite sport to participate in is softball.

Haley’s favorite pastimes are playing sports with friends and vacations to Las Vegas, Arizona, Washington, D.C., or Texas.

Haley’s favorite movie is Billy Madison, and her favorite musicians are Carrie Underwood and Nicki Minaj. Her favorite saying is, “Yeah, okay.”

If Haley could relive one moment of her life, it would be going to Arizona or Las Vegas for a week.

When “Haley Jean” was younger, she imagined herself as a doctor.

In Haley’s life, the people who inspired her the most are her parents because they pushed her to achieve her goals.

“Yelah’s” most memorable moment is hitting a pole with her car a week after she got her license.

Haley is currently employed cleaning the American Legion in LeMars as well as the Akron Fire Department.

While in high school, Haley has been involved in softball, basketball, and volleyball.

Haley’s biggest achievements in high school are her grades and her sports.

What “Haley Jean” enjoyed most about high school is seeing her friends everyday and playing sports.

Haley’s biggest regret about high school is quitting dance.

“Yelah’s” favorite excuse for not turning homework in on time is, “Kayla Tindall ate it.” Also, her favorite excuse for being tardy is that, “Kayla Tindall just beat me up.”

If she could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be to keep bothering Mr. Kent Johnson a lot.

While in high school, Haley’s favorite class has been Art Independent Study with Mrs. Robin Dirks because it is very laid back and she enjoys art.

After finishing high school, Haley plans to become a pediatrician.

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