AW starts new group called Education on Bullying

Posted November 8, 2012 at 6:00 am

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

AW Study Hall Monitor Laurie Liebetrau has started a new group called Education on Bullying that is made up of a group of students who will educate, facilitate, and make sure that AW is a safe school for all children.

There were two children asked to join the group from each grade, from six through eleven, as well as four members of the senior class.

The group’s core is to empower students in defining and building a positive school structure.

They plan to accomplish this by making students aware of the different types of bullying and victim situations, by involving students in setting goals for the school climate and defining priorities for interventions. The group has plans to fulfill their goals by involving the students in building a positive school culture through projects including student-created videos, student led service projects, friendship teams, peer tutoring and peer mentoring.

Students involved in the group by grade are:

Seniors: Robyn Peinke, Ashton Graves, Jodi Wetrosky, and Fernando Sanchez.

Juniors: Scott Garrett, Blanca Sanchez, and Maggi Liebetrau.

Sophomores: Hunter Armstrong, and Megan Snedeker.

Freshmen: Abbi Harder, and Matt Toben.

Eighth Grade: Nick Schnell, Makayla Swancutt, and Ben Liebetrau.

Seventh Grade: Laken Mullinix, and Quinton Hoffer.

Sixth Grade: Nash Lininger, and Autumn Stowe.

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