Legally Blonde: The Musical supporting actors & actresses

Posted November 8, 2012 at 6:00 am

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by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

As opening night draws close, it is not only the leading actors and actress that are putting in long hours at rehearsals, but also the plays many supporting actors and actresses.

One of the supporting actresses is AW junior, Emily Meerdink, who had this to say about her character, Paulette Buonufonte’s role in the play, “She helps Elle stay true to herself”.

Sophomore Devon Myers plays the part of Nikos Argitakos, who explained his character’s role in the play this way, “He validates Elle’s ideas and marks a turning point in the play.”

Another of the supporting roles is Chutney Wyndham who is portrayed by senior Emily Miller she had this to say about her character and the role she has in the play, “She adds to the mystery of the play and she has amazing hair.”

Bethany Eastman, a junior, who plays Brooke Wyndham in the play, described her character this way, “I believe in Elle and give her the opportunity to represent me as my lawyer.”

AW junior Maggi Liebetrau had this to say when asked to described the role her character, Vivienne Kensington, has in the play, “I’m the antagonist to Elle.”

Alex Franker, a sophomore, plays the role of Enid Hoopes, and explained her character’s role in the play this way, “She adds spice and personality, and she’s pretty funny.”

Dylan Myers, a senior, plays the role of Kyle O’Boyle, and described his role in the play this way, “I give Paulette happiness.”

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