Iowa one of few states to have higher turn out than the 2008 election

Posted November 16, 2012 at 4:59 pm

According to many sources, the voter turnout in the 2012 election was down from four years ago. Out of all eligible voters, 126 million cast a ballot for 57.5 percent, leaving approximately 93 million who did not cast a vote. In all states except two (Iowa and Louisiana) the turnout rate was down from four years ago, though six states had higher total numbers of people voting than in 2008: Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, North Dakota and Wisconsin.


First-time voter Jodi Wetrosky signs in with poll worker Karen Schroeder at the Akron Public Library Nov. 6.

The Democratic team of Barack Obama and Joe Biden were elected for a second term with 61,210,365 votes for 50 percent of the popular vote and 303 Electoral votes (270 needed to win) and the Republican team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan received 58,200,002 votes for 48 percent of the popular vote and 206 Electoral votes. There was a scattering of votes for other candidates.

Locally, there was a large turn out to vote in the Nov. 6 election.

Plymouth County

County Supervisors: Running unopposed and getting elected were Mark Loutsch with 9,988 votes, Don Kass, 9,810 votes, and Jim Henrich, 9,858 votes.

County Auditor: Stacey Feldman, 9,948 votes.

Sheriff: Mike Van Otterloo, 10,532 votes.

Soil & Water: Sandra Kay Fravel, 5,702; Tony Schroeder, 7,104; Steven Tonsfeldt, 6,015, all three elected.

County Ag Extension: Alex Popken, 4,692; Yvette Bowen, 2,095; Pat Lehner, 5,276; Brad Harvey, 4,982; Deb Baldwin, 3,497; and Cindy Klemme, 5,413. Popken, Lehner, Harvey and Klemme were elected.

U.S. House of Representatives District 4: Plymouth County: Steve King (R), 8,596 for 67.48 percent; Christie Vilsack (D), 3,957 for 31.06 percent; Statewide: Steve King, 194,194 for 53.25 percent; Christie Vilsack 162,515 for 44.56 percent. King was elected.

President: Statewide: Obama/Biden (D) 807,146 for 51.89 percent of the vote and Romney/Ryan (R) 720,323 for 46.31 percent. Plymouth County: Romney/Ryan, 8,577 for 66.42 percent; Obama/Biden, 4,148 for 32.12 percent.

Union County

President: Statewide: Romney/Ryan, 210,560 for 57.87 percent; Obama/Biden 144,997 for 39.86 percent; Union County: Romney/Ryan, 4,698 for 61.85 percent; Obama/Biden, 2,782 for 36.62 percent.

U.S. Representative: Statewide: Kristi Noem (R), 207,549 for 57.45 percent; Matt Varilek (D), 153,743 for 42.55 percent; Union County: Matt Varilek, 2,611 for 34.83 percent; Kristi Noem, 4,885 for 6.17 percent. Noem was elected.

State Senator: Dan Lederman (R), 6,604 for 60.04 percent; Mike O’Connor (D), 4,395 for 39.96 percent. Lederman was elected.

State Representative: Jim Bolin (R), 6,760 for 35.67 percent; Patty Miller (R), 5,093 for 26.88 percent; Ann Tornberg (D), 4,969 for 26.22 percent; Stanley Jackson (D), 2,128 for 11.23 percent. Bolin and Miller were elected.

Ballot questions SD:

Constitutional Amendment M, regarding certain provisions relating to corporations: Yes 96,162, No 228,663. Amendment defeated.

Constitutional Amendment N, repealing certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators to and from a legislative session, Yes 125,690, No 215,612. Amendment defeated.

Constitutional Amendment O, changing the method of distributions from the cement plant trust fund, Yes 186,919, No 142,366. Amendment passed.

Constitutional Amendment P, adding balanced budget requirements, Yes 215,602, No 118,141. Amendment passed.

Initiated Measure 15, to increase state general sales and use taxes for additional K-12 public education and Medicaid funding, Yes 151,466, No 198,531. Measure defeated.

Referred Law 14, to establish the Large Project Development Fund, Yes 139,719, No 190, 074. Law defeated.

Referred Law 16, to establish a teacher scholarship program; create a program for math and science teacher bonuses; create a program for teacher merit bonuses; mandate a uniform teacher and principal evaluation system; and eliminate requirements for teacher tenure, Yes 114,560, No 235,006. Law defeated.

Nonpolitical: Judge Retention

Supreme Court Justice Glen A. Severson received 4,922 votes in Union County to keep his seat while 1,392 voted no. Statewide Severson received 80.20 percent of the votes for retention.

Union County Voting

Union County had 10,884 voters registered to vote. There were 6,096 people who cast ballots at the 13 precinct’s polling places.

There were 1,598 absentee ballots requested, according to Union County Auditor Carol Klumper. This wasn’t the most the county has ever had and not all were returned. Absentee ballots cast totaled 1,574.

The total number of ballots cast in Union County was 7,670.

On Nov. 8, Union County Commissioners canvassed the votes cast in their county.

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