Windows 8 released

Posted November 16, 2012 at 5:03 pm

by Ashton Graves

student reporter

Microsoft, the company behind such major software like Windows and Office, has released its newest Windows operating system, Windows 8, October 26.

The new operating system has had some major changes compared to the previous versions of Windows.

The first big change would be the new Start Menu. The Start Menu is no longer a popup on the side of the screen, but is now a new screen containing multiple customizable tiles and live updates on news, weather, and more.

The desktop is still available however, although it is no longer to the desktop that the user goes to at boot, but is now the Start Menu. The user can get to the desktop by clicking a tile on the Start Menu.

Another big change would be the Windows Store being added to the operating system. The Windows Store now contains various Windows applications, movies, and more. Applications can still be installed outside of the Windows Store as well.

The new charm bar is also a big change in the new operating system. The charm bar is a side bar that appears when the user moves the mouse to the upper or lower left corners of the screen.

The sidebar contains links to search, share, Start Menu, devices, and settings. When pressed, the date, time, network connection strength, and battery life also appear towards the bottom left side of the screen.

“I think it’s make or break for Windows in the traditional sense,” said Mr. Dwain Wilmot, Akron-Westfield’s tech coordinator, “true Windows, as it is, I don’t think will be anything like it was before.”

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