Mental Health Services region letter OK’d

Posted November 20, 2012 at 10:02 pm

by Steve Peterson

Plymouth County supervisors approved a letter of intent as part of the application process to form a Mental Health Services region with three other counties, at their regular meeting on Nov. 13.

The letter of intent will be sent to Director Charles Palmer of the Iowa Department of Human Services on behalf of Plymouth, Woodbury, Sioux and Cherokee counties.

The Letter of Intent states:

“The total number of counties (four) in the proposed region exceeds the minimum number of counties required by legislation (three) and is contiguous.

“The proposed region contains the Cherokee Mental Health Institute as well as two additional inpatient mental health facilities.

“Assuming the $47.28 per capita property tax levy rate, the proposed region has the means to provide the core set of services delineated in Senate File 2315, as well as a specific set of core-plus services.

“The Counties that comprise the proposed region have a long history of meeting the mental health needs of their respective constituencies in a compassionate and conscientious manner, and are committed to working cooperatively to meet the needs of those that reside within the region on-going, as per the legislation.”

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