Union County 4-h’ers’ State Fair results

Posted November 20, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Participation by Union County 4-H’ers at the South Dakota State Fair included 203 display exhibits which received 124 Purple, 63 Blue, 13 Red and three White ribbons.

Union County 4-H’ers entered 57 livestock exhibits, which received 37 Purple, 14 Blue, four Red and two White ribbons.

Youth In Action events which include judging teams, special foods, and showmanship at the fair earned 15 Purple, 17 Blue, and five Red ribbons.

Livestock Awards:

• Tyler Johnson, Overall Grand Champion Dairy Goat.

• Madison Rule, Division I Black Face Meat Ewe Champion.

• Jorden Rasmussen, Best of Breed Rabbit Flemish Giant.

• Damien Ericson of Akron, Champion Guernsey Heifer; Champion Holstein Heifer & Overall Reserve Champion Dairy Heifer

4-H Photography/2013 Calendar Award:

• Kelsey Rosenbaum, Elk Point, received a purple judge’s choice rosette for her photography picture of grain bins. The picture will be in the 2013 South Dakota 4-H Calendar.

Judging Teams:

Union County 4-H’ers participated in 12 judging contests. All judging participants received ribbon placings according to their individual contest scores.

Team members and ribbon placings are as follows:

Beginner Family Consumer – Sara Kemner (Purple) Hawarden, Heidi Renken (Blue) Hawarden, Hailey Harkin (Blue) Sioux Falls.

Junior Family Consumer – Rachel Geary (Purple) Elk Point, Grace Boone (Purple) Elk Point, Donovan Wilson (Blue) Alcester, Luke Christensen (Red) Alcester.

Senior Family Consumer – John Kemner (Blue) Hawarden, Hannah Avery (Blue) Hawarden, Domenick Wilson (Blue) Alcester, Moriah Avery (Red) Hawarden.

Beginner Photography – Heidi Renken (Purple) Hawarden, Sara Kemner (Purple) Hawarden.

Junior Photography – Rachel Geary (Purple) Elk Point, Grace Boone (Blue) Elk Point, Hannah Renken (Blue) Hawarden, Donovan Wilson (Blue) Alcester.

Senior Photography – Hannah Avery (Purple) Hawarden, Moriah Avery (Purple) Hawarden, Domenick Wilson (Blue) Alcester.

Beginner Visual Arts – Sara Kemner (Blue) Hawarden.

Junior Visual Arts – Rachel Geary (Blue) Elk Point, Grace Boone (Blue) Elk Point, Luke Christensen (Red) Alcester, Donovan Wilson (Red) Alcester.

Senior Visual Arts – Hannah Avery (Purple) Hawarden, Moriah Avery (Purple) Hawarden, Domenick Wilson (Blue) Alcester.

Beginner Horticulture – Sara Kemner (Purple) Hawarden.

Junior Horticulture – Rachel Geary (Blue) Elk Point, Grace Boone (Blue) Elk Point, Luke Christensen (Red) Alcester.

Senior Horticulture – Moriah Avery (Purple) Hawarden, Hannah Avery (Purple) Hawarden, John Kemner (Purple) Hawarden, Domenick Wilson (Blue) Alcester.

Senior Special Foods Contest – Hailey Harkin (Purple) Sioux Falls.

Static Exhibits:

Aerospace & Rocketry: Jefferson – Hannah VanKirk (1Purple).

Child Development: Alcester – Avery Hongslo (1Purple)

Jefferson – Hannah VanKirk (1Purple,1Blue); Beresford – Seth Weiland (1Blue), Caleb Weiland (1Purple); Elk Point – Aubrie Franken (1Purple); Hawarden – Hannah Renken (1Purple).

Clothing: Elk Point – Sydnie Boone (1Purple), Rachel Geary (1Purple); Akron – Shaylee Siebens (1Purple), Emme Rohlfs (1Purple), Lynnzee Siebens (1Purple); Tea – Isabel Tapia (1Purple), Connor Tapia (1Purple); Hawarden – Heidi Renken (1Blue), Hannah Renken (1Purple), Sara Kemner (3Purple); Alcester – Avery Hongslo (1Blue), Ashley Weddle (1Purple); Hudson – Tori Rasmussen (1Purple), Jorden Rasmussen (1Purple); Sioux Falls – Maggie Harkin (2Purple), Hailey Harkin (1Purple, 1Red); Elk Point – Daniel Hindman (1Blue), Alex Hindman (1Purple); Beresford – Alesha Steckelberg (1Purple); Remsen – Melissa Mikkelson (1Purple).

Community Service: Tea – Connor Tapia (1Blue).

Crops: Elk Point – CJ Geary (1Purple,1Blue), Rachel Geary (1Purple,1Blue); Beresford – Patrick Hybertson (1Purple, 1Blue).

Eggs: Akron – Elise Knapp (1Purple); Alcester – Anna Cotton (1Purple), Samuel Cotton (1Blue), Sarah Cotton (1Purple).

First Aid: Beresford – Alesha Steckelberg (1Purple); Hawarden – Heidi Renken (1Purple), Micah Avery (1Purple); Alcester – Marshall Christensen (1Purple).

Foods & Nutrition: Akron – Dakota Heeren (1Blue), Elise Knapp (1Blue); Hawarden – Sara Kemner (1Purple,1Blue), John Kemner (1Purple); Tea – Connor Tapia (1Purple), Isabel Tapia (1Blue); Worthing – Kaden Kleinhans (2Purple).

Food Safety Poster: Remsen – Melissa Mikkelson (1Blue).

Geology & Minerals: Elk Point – Justin Broekemeier (1Purple).

Health: Hudson – Brigita Rasmussen (1Purple).

Hobbies & Collections: Akron – Justin Nason (1Purple); Tea – Connor Tapia (1Purple); Hawarden – Harbor Renken (1Purple); Alcester – Payton DeGroot (1Purple), Luke Christensen (1Purple).

Home Environment: Akron – Willis VanBuskirk (2Purple, 1Blue); Alcester – Ashlyn Bailey (1Purple,1Blue), Avery Hongslo (2Purple), Kendra Ericson (2Purple,2Blue), Payton DeGroot (1Blue), Marshall Christensen (1Purple); Jefferson – Riley Schmitz (1Purple), Nichole Dial (1Purple); Beresford – Seth Weiland (3Purple), Alesha Steckelberg (2Blue), Victoria Weiland (1Purple), Caleb Weiland (1Purple); Tea – Connor Tapia (2Blue,1Red), Isabel Tapia (1Purple,3Blue); Elk Point – Eliana Weigel (2Purple), Emily Peirce (1Blue, 1Red), Rachel Geary (2Purple, 1Blue); Sioux Falls – Maggie Harkin (1Purple), Hailey Harkin (1Red); Hawarden – Shoshannah Avery (1Blue), Hannah Avery (1Purple); Hudson – Tori Rasmussen (1Blue).

Horticulture: Elk Point – Jordan Peirce (1Red); Akron – Dakota Heeren (1Blue); Alcester – Sarah Cotton (1Purple); Jefferson – Riley Schmitz (1Blue).

Music: Elk Point – Emily Peirce (1Purple).

Photography: Jefferson – Cody Wagner (1Red), Nichole Dial (1Blue, 1Red); Elk Point – Mariah Heckathorn (3Purple,2Blue), Kelsey Rosenbaum (3Purple,1Blue), Justin Broekemeier (2Purple,1Blue), Sara Broekemeier (1Purple), Grace Boone (2Purple,1Blue), Reagan Frankl (1Blue); McCook Lake – Gracyn VanDenHul (1Purple); Tea – Connor Tapia (1Blue); Beresford – Sadie Jensen (1Purple), Faith Weiland (1Purple); Sioux Falls – Hailey Harkin (1Blue), Maggie Harkin (1Blue).

Self Determined: Elk Point – Sydnie Boone (2Purple), Aubrie Franken (1White), Elisabeth Peirce (2White); Alcester – Kendra Ericson (2Red); Hawarden – Heidi Renken (1Purple), Hannah Renken (1Red); Dakota Dunes – Bear Jensen (1Red).

Shooting Sports: Remsen – Melissa Mikkelson (1Purple).

Soil & Soil Conservation: Remsen – Melissa Mikkelson (1Purple).

Visual Arts: Akron – Brendan Nason (1Blue), Rebecca Nason (4Blue), Justin Nason (1Blue), Garrett Wall (1Blue); Alcester – Riley Ericson (1Purple,1Blue), Kendra Ericson (2Purple,1Blue), Anna Cotton (1Blue), Payton DeGroot (1Purple); Hawarden – Heidi Renken (1Purple), Hannah Renken (1Purple), Sara Kemner (1Purple); Elk Point – Ashley Herren (2Purple), Elisabeth Peirce (5Purple,1Blue,1Red), Alex Hindman (1Purple), Sara Broekemeier (1Purple), Rachel Geary (2Purple), Grace Boone (1Purple), Sydnie Boone (1Purple); Remsen, IA – Melissa Mikkelson (2Blue); Tea – Isabel Tapia (2Purple,1Blue);

Beresford – Kirsten Ustad (1Purple), Faith Weiland (1Blue), Alesha Steckelberg (1Purple), Victoria Weiland (1Purple), Sydnie Boone (1Purple,1Blue); Sioux Falls – Hailey Harkin (1Purple).

Welding Science: Elk Point – Sarah Tow (1Blue,1Red).

Writing & Public Speaking: Remsen – Melissa Mikkelson (1Purple); Elk Point – Mariah Heckathorn (1Blue).

Wood Science: Remsen – Melissa Mikkelson (2Purple).

Livestock Exhibits:

Dairy: Akron – Damien Ericson (5Purple); Alcester – Avery Hongslo (1Purple); Beresford – Preston Hustrulid (1Purple).

Dairy Showmanship: Akron – Damien Ericson (1Purple).

Sheep: Hawarden – John Kemner (1Purple), Sara Kemner (1Purple,1Red), Madison Rule (2Purple); Alcester – Tyler Johnson (5Purple), Evan Johnson (4Purple); Beresford – Preston Hustrulid (2Purple,1Blue,1Red), Lance Knutson (1Red), Josh Manning (5Purple,1Blue,1White); Hudson – Brigita Rasmussen (1Blue), Jorden Rasmussen (1Blue), Tori Rasmussen (1White).

Beef: Elk Point – Alexa Montagne (2Purple); Hudson – Brigita Rasmussen (1Red).

Swine: Elk Point – Justin Montagne (1Blue); Alcester – Tyler Johnson (1Blue); Beresford – Patrick Hybertson (2Blue); Worthing – Kaden Kleinhans (2Blue); Hawarden – Hannah Renken (2Blue).

Dairy Goat: Alcester – Tyler Johnson (2Purple).

Market Goat: Alcester – Evan Johnson (1Blue).

Dairy Goat Showmanship: Alcester – Tyler Johnson (1Purple).

Rabbit: Hudson – Brigita Rasmussen (1Purple), Jorden Rasmussen (2Purple,1Blue), Tori Rasmussen (1Purple).

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