Does new Akron ‘Our Life’ book contain everything originally submitted?

Posted December 5, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Yes. Anything that was originally submitted for the original Akron Quasquicentennial Book back in 2006 and 2007 has been included in the recently published book, said book editor Julie Ann Madden.

We were able to salvage all of the first committee’s work on the book and that was the basis for the completed book now being offered for sale, she explained.

In the published version, we expanded on what was submitted in each of the categories and gave people additional time to submit family histories, said Madden.

The book’s chapters are:

• A Quarter Century of Akron History from the Akron Register-Tribune and The Akron Hometowner archives plus photos from 2007 Quasquicentennial celebration;

• A detailed description of Akron business ownership by street addresses in the last 30 years (2007-2012) as well as individual business stories plus many photographs;

• Akron’s public entities such as Akron Care Center, Akron Children’s Center, library, ambulance, fire and police departments, city government, golf course, Mercy Medical Clinic, airport, parks & recreation, and senior center.

• Akron-Westfield Community School class photographs from 1981 through 2011;

• Community organizations including the Akron Chamber, Akron Community Foundation, Akron Development Corporation, Akron Opera House with list of all productions since 1970, Legionnaires and Auxiliary with Avenue of Flags Roster, Akron Historical Society, PEO, Friendship & Service, Next Generation, Pinochle Club, Akron Gun Club, Akron Health Care, FFA Alumni Association, Down Under Coffee Shop, Big Sioux River Recreational Corridor Council, Girl Scouts, Home Culture Club, Johnson Juniors, Lucky Liberty Lopers, Portland Preston Pillars Pride and Scattered 4-H Clubs, Red Hot Mamas and Sons of American Legion; Knights of Columbus, and

• Fourteen churches.

There are 376 pages of Akron history in the book.

Another comment has been that the cover of the book says 1982-2007 so it is not current information. All chapters contain information up through 2011. Families were also given the opportunity to update their stories.

Only 300 copies of this book were printed, and the Akron Quasquicentennial Committee does not plan to print more.

As of now, there are less than 200 copies left. They can be purchased at Akron City Hall for $50 or mailed to you for $55.

If you have any questions about the book’s content, stop by Akron City Hall and look at a copy or call Julie Ann Madden at 712-389-0153.

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