Large Group Speech groups announced

Posted December 6, 2012 at 6:00 am

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Auditions for Large Group Speech were held November 1, and the group list was announced November 15.

With 52 freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors trying out, 12 groups were formed.

The groups are as follows:

Choral Reading: Maggi Liebetrau, Sarah Schroeder, Maddy Rife, Mariah Grimm, Katie Black, Lexi Hageman, Ryleigh Schnell, Cali Westergard, Robyn Peinke, Ashly McCormick, Jacynda Banks, Marlenne Arreola, Tavian Banks, Hunter Armstrong, and Alex Foley.

Reader’s Theater, “Carriers”: Spencer Frankl, Taron Banks, Kyle Schroeder, Adam Kroksh, Dominick Foley, Corbin Bundy, Eliza Kjar, Emily Meerdink, Jaclyn Smith, Carla Robinson, Emily Miller, Katlyn Mace, and Alex Franker.

Solo Mime: Ashly McCormick and Kellie O’Bryne.

Group Mime: Kristen Foley and Olivia Parks, and Ryan Foley and Michael O’Bryne.

Group Improv: Kristen Foley and Olivia Parks.

Ensemble Acting, “The Wall”: Spencer Frankl and Taron Banks.

Ensemble Acting, “If It Don’t Hurt, It Ain’t Love”: Kyle Schroeder, Adam Kroksh, Corbin Bundy, Eliza Kjar, and Alex Franker.

Ensemble Acting, “Crossroads”: Emily Meerdink, Emily Miller, Katlyn Mace, Maddy Rife, Sarah Schroeder, and Maggi Liebetrau.

One Act Play, “Screenagers”: Jaclyn Smith, Carla Robinson, Robyn Peinke, Kellie O’Byrne, Cali Westergard, Lexi Hageman, Katie Black, Mariah Grimm, Ryleigh Schnell, Hannah Koele, Desi Oltmann, Kayla Tindall, Kourtney Hedlund, Dana Hedlund, Kali Kriener, Alex Foley, Hunter Armstrong, Dominick Foley, and Tavian Banks.

JV Readers Theater, “End of Summer”: Spencer Wardrip, Andy Bowman, Tabitha Banks, Abbey Easton, and Anastasia Hoffer.

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