Museum’s cash money clip dates back to 1939 in Akron

Posted December 12, 2012 at 9:39 pm

j cash money clip.tif

by Julie Ann Madden

A cash money clip, donated by Lyle Ostermyer to the Akron Area Museum, definitely has ties to the Akron business community.

According to Akron Historical Society President Rodney Anderson who researched Akron Register-Tribune archives, in August 1939, cash money clips were installed at the Silverberg Bros. Co. general store which was located in the first floor of the Akron Opera House.

The new cash-carrier system included four carrier boxes, traveling on overhead wires, serving to convey receipts from the various departments to the cashier’s desk, according to the news article.

Anderson thanked all the people who shared their memories of this cash-carrier system with the Akron Historical Society.

According to Lawrence Maynard of Akron, it was a pulley system and somehow they pulled down on one end of it which sent the carrier box to the cashier’s box, which was high up in the back of the store. The cashier was able to see over the whole floor of the business. Bea Sorenson was the cashier at the time Maynard saw it.

Cashiers named in news archives included Miss Hilda Hoschler, February 1926; Miss Margaret Mackey, January 1943, Mrs. Helen Adams and and Mrs. Beatrice “Bea” Sorenson, September 1944.

Abe Silverberg of Sioux City opened the general store in Akron on Aug. 15, 1919 and operated it under the name of Silverberg Bros. Co. He and his brothers operated a number of stores under the same firm name. In October 1944, Silverberg sold the store to K & K Co. of Sioux City. Thuringer’s K & K closed around June 1968. In January 1969, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harvey opened a hardware store in this location.

A July 1977 news article stated Rich and Chuck Renken of Chatsworth opened an automotive and agricultural supply store in the former D & W Hardware location and that the building was owned by the Akron Community Theatre.

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