Lots of remodeling happening at Ridgewood Apartments

Posted December 19, 2012 at 6:00 am

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Ridgewood Apartments, managed by Oakleaf Real Estate Management Company, is implementing an $842,000 remodeling project in Akron with funds that are provided by Iowa state I-JOBS funds. Ridgewood Apartments is an affordable living community for individuals who are 62 years or older and persons who are disabled.

Ridgewood Apartments provide the Akron community with a source of high quality, affordable housing. The new updates to the complex include a newly resurfaced parking lot offering off-street parking, completely new kitchen cabinets and appliances, new bathrooms, brand new flooring throughout the entire building, and the updating of the controlled access systems as well as the building elevator.

Oakleaf Real Estate Management Company’s president George Wakeman said, “We work toward having a mission of providing apartments that we would want our loved ones to live in. We go beyond normal, affordable housing standards to deliver seniors with both “quality” and “affordable” apartments. Therefore, along with the help of our friends in the local community, we all work toward having quality housing for seniors and the disabled in the Akron area.”

Sharon Frerichs, Ridgewood Apartment manager who lives in Akron said, “I go for daily walks with a friend, and we always have enjoyable conversations about what is going on in the community. It is no different at the Ridgewood Apartment community; there is a rich sense of community there. Everyone gets together for coffee, monthly birthday parties and everyone enjoys each other’s company. My family enjoys living and working in Akron, so it is rewarding to watch new residents realize the vastness of kindness in finding new acquaintances and friends here. It is amazing to continually experience all the reasons why we all enjoy living here so much.”

Oakleaf marketing director Ray Holbrook said, “My grandmother who is in her nineties, was previously living in her own home and said she would never move away from her house, but after visiting one of our apartment communities in Vermillion, S.D. she realized how lonely she was.”

Well, she made the move, and she said, “The move saved my life, added years to my life. I have so many new friends. I wish I had moved 15 years earlier.”

Holbrook added, “Ridgewood Apartments not only provides a highly necessary housing opportunity for people over 62 years old or those who are disabled, but it also provides a rich social need.”

Ridgewood Apartments invites everyone in the community to stop by to visit and see the new improvements. Manager Sharon Frerichs is just a phone call away, so give her a call at 712-568-3420 if you wish to drop by and visit.

The Ridgewood Apartment residents enjoy having their utilities included in the rent. Amenities such as a community room and laundry facilities are located at the property; and they are a pet-friendly community.

A unique and free Service Coordinator Program is also offered. This program is designed to promote and support self-sufficiency and independence for individuals living in the Ridgewood Apartment community. For more information, contact Service Coordinator Tiffany Hoover at 712-568-3632.

Ridgewood Apartments has a total of 36 one-bedroom units located at 260 S. Fourth St. in Akron, which offers affordable housing for qualified individuals over 62 years of age or persons with disabilities. Eligible residents pay 30 percent of their adjusted gross income for rent. Anyone interested in renting an apartment only has to fill out an application to find out if they qualify for rental assistance.

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