Question of the Week

Posted December 20, 2012 at 6:00 am

by Ashton Graves

student reporter

This weeks question of the week was, “What is your favorite thing about Christmas?”

Hunter Armstrong, a sophomore, said, “Being with my family, my brothers, and celebrating the birth of my savior.”

Mrs. Laurie Liebetrau, a study hall monitor, said, “Being with family.”

Devon Myers, a sophomore, said, “Food and presents, but more the food.”

Anthony Strom, a sophomore, said, “Santa Claus.”

Kane Lininger, a freshman, said, “No school.”

Jacob Arredondo, a freshman, said, “Reindeer.”

Seth Klemme, a sophomore, said, “Being with family.”

Kevin Carlson, a sophomore, said, “Presents.”

Tanner Coyle, a sophomore, said, “Snowmobiling.”

Trevor Hansen, a junior, said, “Dinner.”

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