Senior Spotlight

Posted December 20, 2012 at 6:00 am

JaclynS F.psd

Jaclyn Smith

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Jaclyn Smith, daughter of Dennis and Diane Smith, was born August 16, 1994, in Sioux City.

Jaclyn has two older brothers, Justin and Jerad.

Jaclyn is sometimes called “Jac” by her family and friends.

Jaclyn’s favorite sport to participate in is soccer.

“Jac’s” favorite movie is Tangled; her favorite musicians are Shinedown, Halestorm, and Mumford & Sons, and her favorite saying is “Who are you? I don’t even know you.”

When Jaclyn was younger she imagined herself as a hippie.

If Jaclyn could relive one moment of her life, it would be performing “All Shook Up”, the musical from her sophomore year.

In Jaclyn’s life, the person who has inspired her the most is Juno.

“Jac’s” most memorable moment was lip-syncing with Kelly and Mercedes.

Jaclyn’s most embarrassing moment was spilling hot chocolate on her head and thinking that it was acid rain.

Jaclyn’s greatest achievement was earning first place at state dance for hip hop.

If Jaclyn could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be to not use super glue for pranks.

What “Jac” likes most about high school is the meals.

Jaclyn does not have a favorite excuse for not turning homework in on time. Also, her favorite reason for being tardy is that she was busy saving the world.

Jaclyn’s biggest regret about high school is not going out for volleyball.

While in high school, Jaclyn’s favorite class has been anything with Mr. Kim Meerdink.

After high school, Jaclyn plans to rule the world.

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