A-W wins three of four at WEC duals

Posted December 20, 2012 at 6:00 am

by Steve Peterson

Akron-Westfield’s wrestlers posted a 3-1 record at the War Eagle Conference meet on Dec. 11 in Hinton. Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn won the team title in the five-team event.

A-W Head Coach Dustin Meinen said the Westerners wrestled well in the tournament, which used a dual-match format.

Akron-Westfield milestones included 138 pounder Daniel Dirks and 195 pounder Chet Willer, both seniors, picking up their 100th career victories in their senior seasons.

“It’s a big milestone for them. They are two-time state qualifiers looking for a third,” said Meinen.

A-W first place winners were:

• Tommy Toben, at 120 pounds; Dirks, at 138 pounds; Taylor James, at 182 pounds; and Willer, at 195 pounds.

• Placing second were Cole Oltmanns, at 145 pounds; Jacob Bergman, at 160 pounds; and Chance Gant at 170 pounds; and

• Winning third place was Trevor Hansen at 220 pounds.


A-W beats West Sioux, 41-2

At 113 pounds, Michael Siebens, A-W, won by forfeit; at 120 pounds, Tommy Toben, A-W, pinned Misael Topete, WS, 1:36; at 126 pounds, Cody Chester, WS, won by forfeit; at 132, Jonny Duenas, WS, won by pin to Tyler Waterbury, A-W, 3:12; at 138, Daniel Dirks, A-W, pinned Tyler Kelly, WS, 0:48; at 145 pounds, Cole Oltmanns, A-W, pinned Antonio Pleitez, WS, in 0:44; at 152 pounds, Augustin Jimenez, WS, decisioned Dylan Blinde, A-W, 7-3; at 160 pounds, Jacob Bergman, A-W, won by forfeit; at 170 pounds, Chance Gant, A-W, won by forfeit; at 182 pounds, Taylor James, A-W, pinned Matt Gude, WS, 2:44; at 195 pounds, Chet Willer, A-W, pinned Ricardo Rodriquez, WS, in 0:42; at 220 pounds, Logan Vlotho, WS, pinned Trevor Hansen, in 1:07; at 285 pounds, Dalton Waterman, WS, won by forfeit.

A-W 42, Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 30

At 106 pounds, Daniel Rivera, HMS, won by forfeit; at 113 pounds, Joseph Rivera, HMS, pinned Siebens, A-W, 1:12; at 120 pounds, Toben, A-W, pinned Bram Meyer, HMS, 1:03; at 132 pounds, Heath Nagel, HMS, pinned Waterbury, A-W, 0:32; at 138 pounds, Dirks, A-W, pinned Brady Ahmann, HMS, 0:45; at 145 pounds, Dakota Drenth, HMS, decisioned Oltmanns, A-W, 16-9; at 152 pounds, Skylar Towne, HMS, decisioned Dylan Blinde, A-W, 8-5; at 160 pounds, Bergman, A-W, pinned Gage Towne, HMS, 0:38; at 170 pounds, Gant, A-W, pinned Michael Dau, HMS 0:12; at 182 pounds, James, A-W, pinned Keegan Erwin, HMS, 5:00; at 195 pounds, Willer, A-W, pinned Jackson Swanson, HMS 0:11; at 220, Trevor Hansen of A-W won by forfeit and Connor Kuchel of HMS won by forfeit to conclude the match at 285 pounds.

Akron-Westfield 43, Hinton 30

At 220 pounds, Zac Schreck, Hinton, pinned Hansen, A-W, 3:14; at 285 pounds, Keith VanEvera, Hinton, won by forfeit; at 106 pounds, Lucas Vondrak, Hinton, won by forfeit; at 126 pounds, Toben, A-W, decisioned Skylar Richter, Hinton, 16-10; at 132 pounds: Taylor Schroeder, Hinton, pinned Waterbury, A-W, 0:38; at 138 pounds, Dirks, A-W, won by forfeit; at 145 pounds, Oltmanns, A-W, pinned Jacob Vondrak, Hinton, 1:06; at 152 pounds, Dylan Blinde, A-W, major decisioned Quinton Robinson, Hinton, 16-3; at 160 pounds, Bergman, A-W pinned Colin Poss, Hinton, 3:57; at 170 pounds, Gant, A-W, pinned Lance Gulbronson, Hinton, 0:16; at 182 pounds, James, A-W, pinned Alec Wodtke, Hinton, 0:43; at 195 pounds, Willer, A-W, pinned Werner Trierweiller, Hinton, 1:00.

MMC: tournament champion beat A-W, 42-33

At 113 pounds, Ben McDaniel, MMC, pinned Siebens, A-W, 1:51; at 120 pounds, Toben, A-W, pinned Austin Robinson, MMC. 2:30; at 126, Matthew Peck, MMC, won by forfeit; at 132 pounds, Derek Erdmann, MMC, pinned Waterbury, A-W, 1:07; at 138 pounds, Dirks, A-W, pinned Mark Peters, MMC, 0.33; at 145 pounds, Oltmanns, A-W, won by forfeit; at 152 pounds, Blinde, A-W, pinned Cole Sand, MMC, 1:00; at 160 pounds, Dylan Rolfes, MMC, pinned Bergman, A-W, :24; at 170 pounds, Jacob Meehan, MMC, pinned Gant, A-W, 1:13; at 182 pounds, James. A-W, decisioned Justin Theisen, MMC, 3-2; at 195 pounds, Willer, A-W, pinned Jacob Letsche, MMC, 0:52; at 220 pounds, Ben Phillips, MMC, pinned Hansen, A-W, 0:51; at 285 pounds, Levi Letsche, MMC, won by forfeit.

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