Supervisors get several requests for funds

Posted January 3, 2013 at 11:25 pm

by Steve Peterson

Plymouth County Supervisors are beginning to receive funding requests for agencies they have supported in the past for the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 budget.

Supervisors heard from Dick Sievers of Mid-Sioux Opportunity Inc. requesting funds for the Remsen-based organization at the supervisors’ Dec. 18 meeting. “Each individual in our service area received an estimated value of $724 in services. We provided over $7,658,345 in services and helped 10,577 individuals in 3,698 households in our five-county service area to help families become self-sufficient when there aren’t enough others,” stated the Mid-Sioux Opportunity report.

Mid-Sioux Opportunity is seeking a $10,000 contribution from Plymouth County for FY 2014.

“For Plymouth County we served 2,178 individuals, 886 households for a value of about $1.8 million. Our request has stayed the same as it has been for the past number of years. With a value of $1.8 million in services that is $179 returned for each dollar contributed by the county. Because the central office is in Remsen, all of the dollars do come to Plymouth County, providing $7.6 million in services. We have 70 employees in the county,” said Sievers.

“We leveraged about $305,000 in local funds in contributions from individuals and businesses, corporations.

“We changed our local office hours in the Outreach Centers, so Lyon and Ida Counties are one day per week. Cherokee County is two days, Plymouth is three days and Sioux County is four days. That seems to be working well as we take applications by appointment, We no longer have a food pantry, that is run by Christian Needs Center,” said Sievers.

“We’re in discussions with Public Allies, a firm that helps non-for-profits to place individuals who can be helped to work on specific projects and talking to Iowa Finance Authority about a rental assistance project. We are always looking if there are other ways to help the community.”

“There are signs that the economy is stabilizing and our requests for assistance are down 10 to 12 percent. Unemployment rates in Northwest Iowa are low due to the agriculture economy; Sioux County is second-lowest in the state. We’re lucky to be located where we are,” said Sievers,

In other budget requests:

• Plymouth County Drug Court is seeking a $2,500 contribution.

• Loess Hills Alliance is asking for $2,000.

• Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, which is undergoing a regionalization, is seeking a $10,000 contribution.

Requests will be discussed in the budget process starting at the supervisors’ Jan. 8 meeting.

In committee reports:

• It was announced Akron Mayor Harold Higman Jr. has been elected President of Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) following a board of directors’ meeting.

In another board of directors vote, Supervisor Don Kass was named Chairman of the Board for Youth Emergency Services (YES) in Cherokee.

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